How to Make Your Email Marketing Effective

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to getting new customers so if you are a business, ecommerce, or a service provider, you need to stay on top of the game. Here are some important aspects that you need to focus on and how to get them to work for you to make your email marketing effective.

Adding Subscribers

Email Marketing

When trying to attract people to sign up for your newsletter, consider adding an incentive. This will make it easier for you to add new subscribers. While there are people who might sign up just out of curiosity, relying on that alone will get you nowhere. It is important to note that the human mind operates in terms of profit and loss.

If you can make the incentive attractive enough for a user to feel like they will lose out on a profitable opportunity if they opt out, then you will attract new subscribers like a magnet. The incentives can be a discount coupon, free samples, sweepstakes, and so on.

Email Validation

Now that you have been focusing on gathering subscribers, another aspect of it is validating the email addresses. Email validation is necessary to churn out the bots and inactive users from the ones you really need to focus on – you can try an email validation and verification service.

How most email validation services work it that they extract the MX records from the email address and then it is connected to the mail server and then a message is sent over SMTP to make sure that the email really exists. This is necessary so that you don’t focus your energy and resources on something that isn’t even real and won’t give you a return.

Segmentation And Targeting

How you segment your subscribers and market to them will make a world of a difference as to whether your email strategy turns out profitable or not. Generally, you can first segment subscribers based on their profitability – loyal customers, new customers, and potential customers. Email validation is also an important aspect to segregating your target audience who can be turned into customers.

Once done, you can then classify them again based on their interest in the products.  So, if you sell gadgets online, then segment them based on people who are interested in mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

There are infinite kinds of segmentation you can perform on your list. What type of segmentation you do is completely up to you. Just make sure that the email platform you choose allows the segmentation options you are looking for.

Converting Subscribers To Customers

Once the segmentation is complete, you can start sending targeted emails to convert subscribers into customers. Make sure that the email you send is structurally sound and perfect. It must be in the correct format and have an intriguing subject line so that the audience will click and open the email. It must also have a body content that gets the message across in a short, succinct, and attractive manner. There needs to be a clear Call-To-Action button at the bottom of the email asking the receivers to act in a way you want them to.

For better results, you can use a tactic known as the ‘drip sequence campaign’. The idea is pretty simple. When someone subscribes to your email list, you must send them a free gift like an ebook, discount coupon, etc. Then wait for a few days and send an email once again asking whether they liked the gift you gave them.

Clear any doubts your customers may have and after a few more days, you can send invites to your customers asking them to check out products they might find interesting. Since they have already accepted a free gift from you, the customer will be compelled to check out your offerings in a positive manner and may end up buying it. This is usually done automatically and is a service provided by the email marketing software.


Finally, make sure that you are an expert at tracking and interpreting e-commerce email analytics. These include open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, opt-out rate, and so on. Make sure to know what they mean and how to use such metrics to strengthen your hold over your business. When you master the analytics side of email marketing, you will be able to improve both the quality of your emails and the conversion rate.  

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