How to Grow Your Business Using a POS System Like Vend

POS systems have created a unique opportunity for the modern business to thrive. With plenty of tools and features for managing, organization, and streamlining operations, pricing options for every budget, and hundreds of brand options, POS systems are a necessity to the modern business that intends to grow and thrive. Growing your business with a POS system can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to growing your business and scaling operations. 


Collect Data 

POS systems offer something that’s invaluable to any business: information. The power of information in business can’t be overstated; it’s the currency of success and growth. When you know your customers, your business, and your market, you have an advantage over the competition and greater insight into what can bring you continued success. 

POS systems collect data on every sale, return, and inventory change. You can create custom reports based on specific timeframes, products, and more. Not sure how much volume you moved during Black Friday? You can view only sales for that day or the entire week. Want to know how much your business made last year as opposed to this year? You can search for yearly sales numbers and set your specific timeframe. 

Collecting this precious information would normally require one or more third-party software systems, but with a POS system, all of your data is available in one easy to use interface. Save yourself time, money, and effort by using a POS system for your sales data. 

Integrate With Your CRM Software 

Your CRM software is vital to the business, and without it, you’d be left in the dark. Where a POS system collects information on sales, your CRM software collects and organizes data on pretty much everything else; making it important for the two to operate together. Many POS systems integrate with CRM software so that all of your data can be organized and integrated in one place. 

Good CRM software sets some of the best businesses apart from those that only reach mediocrity. With CRM and POS software at your disposal, you’ll have access to an unprecedented amount of information. This information can help you make better decisions about the business as a whole, how you interact with and appeal to customers, how you organize promotional materials and periods, and more. Don’t go through the business world blind; get yourself a POS system that can integrate with your CRM software! 

Organize Your Inventory

POS systems like Vend make inventory management easier than ever. Make no mistake; organizing and streamlining your inventory management efforts can not only save you time and money, but also plenty of stress. You’ve probably experienced a time when your inventory was less than perfect, and you likely invested plenty of man-hours into fixing the problem. But what if you could avoid those mistakes altogether? What if you could track your inventory in real-time?

With a POS system, all of this is possible. POS systems manage your inventory in real-time and allow you to change, add, or remove products from the catalog directly from the interface or web portal (for cloud-based POS software). The ability to control your inventory will not only make your business that much more streamlined but can also reduce the level of stress you experience from trying to manage your inventory manually. 

Improve Marketing Efforts 

Marketing is the most important part of your customer interactions besides your customer service. How you reach customers, who you reach, and where you reach them, are all crucial to effective marketing efforts. Your POS system can help here as well by providing you with valuable customer information such as purchase history. When you know what your customers like to buy, marketing becomes much simpler. Suddenly, you’re not offering blanket promotions for dozens of items, but rather a customized promotion for your customer’s specific preferences. 

A customer is much more likely to open a promotional email for a product they purchase often or have purchased before. That’s not to say you shouldn’t market new products to your customers, but you’ve got a better chance of convincing them to spend their money when it’s a product they already want. 

Work off the Clock With Cloud-Based Software 

Every business owner knows that the job doesn’t end when you clock out for the day. Problems arise, employees have questions, and you can never truly rest knowing you’re not at the helm for the eight hours you need to sleep each night. With cloud-based POS software, you can manage your business, inventory, and data from anywhere with an internet connection. Growth doesn’t have to stop when you go home for the day; cloud-based software allows you to monitor your business’s sales and performance 24/7.

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