How to Find Clients for my Accounting Firm?

It takes a lot of effort to start a new accounting or bookkeeping firm or expand an existing one. In this endeavor, attracting new clients for client accounting services is extremely important. A clever, systematic approach is the best method to obtain fresh customers or substitute those that have left. The principles of marketing are constantly evolving. 

One can use internet-driven marketing tools to scale their business. Alternatively, you could find locating your first ten accounting clients easier using the traditional strategy through face-to-face conversation. Why just not mix the two methods of advertising to acquire your initial clients?

How to find clients for my accounting firm?

1. Networking

Even in this internet world, in-person gatherings are excellent opportunities to engage new folks. For organizations that serve other businesses, meetings are more efficient. It’s critical to be well-prepared before attending a networking event. Before you go, know as much as you can about the other attendees. It might be possible to obtain an attendee list ahead of time.

Events, Workshop, Seminars, Conferences

Participating at events not only establishes you as an expert in your profession, but it can also result in clients contacting you straight afterward.

You can use it to join industry-specific organizations, but the true power comes from attending conferences where your clients congregate.

Simply put yourself in your target client’s position and look for a group that interests them.

Business groups and co-working space

Business organizations can be a great way to meet new people. They’re essentially a network of local company owners who support and use each other’s services.

The advantage of co-working environments is that they bring together a diverse mix of enterprises in one location.

Organize social gatherings for members to meet one another. When certain events happen, you can go there every now and then to check for potential new clients.

2. Business Strategy

Determine the group of entities you want to reach out to through your tactics.

Customers and potential are not all treated equally. Consider the aspects that go into determining what a great client is for your company: Do they make connections with other excellent clients?

A prospect’s inclusion on the list isn’t necessarily due to financial considerations. While you’re creating your name, you might be willing to work for less profitable clients.

Looking for new clients in your area of expertise could be a sensible and rewarding path for you to take.

Concentrate on your area of expertise.

Keeping in touch with groups in your specialty not only boosts your probability of catching potential clients but also keeps you current.

The more informed you are on the essential areas to your customers, the more you will be adept to assist them in resolving their financial issues.

3. Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is a company’s overall strategy for locating and turning prospective consumers into paying customers for its various products and/or services. The firm’s unique selling point, brand positioning message, statistics on target customer segments, and other elevated elements are all included in your marketing plan. Before diving into a new strategy you should spend some time reviewing financial marketing examples & studies.

Digital Presence and Online Marketing

Create your Website 

You can include advanced features such as rapid call-to-action, live chat, SEO, customer reviews, and analytics on the website.

Social Media Marketing

Join social media groups and offer substantial assistance to others. 

You can acquire referrals from other members by joining groups in your direct industry.

Joining groups for related sectors where potential clients congregate out would be the best way to gain new clients.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Quora, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest are some of the most effective social media platforms to reach out to new customers.

Digital Content Marketing and Online targeted advertisement.


Websites adore free stuff offerings. Offer to be a visiting writer on relevant websites visited by your intended audience. Include a link to your website’s URL and any other information about how people can contact your professional accounting and tax services firm.

Podcast, Online Video, Webinars, Virtual Conferences and Summits 

If you are willing to invest in the required effort, starting a podcast can be a terrific method to gain new clients. You can begin collecting questions from your present clients and turn them into movies.

If you hold a large social media following or an email list, webinars are a terrific method to turn that audience into customers.

Cross-promotional webinars are taken to the next level with a virtual summit. Experts and influencers speak on a variety of topics during these online conferences.

With virtual discussions, you can use audiences that aren’t your own. This aids in the development of ties with other influencers in your field and is inexpensive as they do not require much physical space or the need for traveling.

Pay-per-click advertisement

Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter ads can all help attract new customers.

Virtual Marketplaces

Have your organization included on Google My Business

If your company has a physical presence, listing it on Google My Business is one of the most straightforward methods to attract new customers. It should take less than an hour to update your Google My Business page, but it can make a notable difference in terms of local SEO.

Freelancer Marketplaces (Upwork, Fiverr)

Marketplaces for freelancers can be a terrific way to locate new clients. Most freelancer marketplaces allow you to establish a business agency, so it’s not just for individual freelancers.

4. Real-world Marketing

Create unique business cards

Consider the following venues for leaving your business cards:

card racks in hotels against the backdrop of non-competing enterprises, collaborative workspaces, or coffeehouses.

Affiliation with a marketing firm

For practically any professional service, firms can be excellent partners. If a company needs marketing services, likely, it will also require additional professional services.

Take more clients on board with our tips and tactics!

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