5 Strategies to Avoid in Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Before you launch your next campaign, make sure your mass email service is working for you

Email marketing campaigns are effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes — that is, if you know which common mistakes to avoid. Sometimes the difference between a wildly successful campaign with a high ROI and a waste of time and energy can come down to a few key elements of your email.  We’re here to help you avoid the most common mistakes that email marketing novices often make and help you use your mass email service to craft highly inviting emails with a low bounce rate.  By using a mass email service you can overcome some of the most common hurdles associated with email marketing. Let’s find out how you can make your next campaign a success!

1. No Personalization in Your Subject Lines

With the right, easy-to-use mass email service, you can easily personalize your subject lines and decrease your bounce rate with the help of email marketing automation tool.

The recipient should understand why they received your message.

Your subject line is often the only chance you have to make a first impression on your target audience. If your email campaign is not personalized, it can appear as spam and will cause members of your mailing list to unsubscribe. By employing a mass email service, you can easily personalize your email campaign. People are much more likely to open and interact with your message when it is addressed directly to them, as opposed to a generic greeting. If possible, you can also find other ways to personalize your mass emails based on a target’s region, the time of year, or their or shopping history.

2. Basic Email Design

Make sure that your design will grab your audience’s attention

Email design can either make or break your campaign.

Email marketing is full of competition, so you need to stand out from the crowd or risk getting lost in the shuffle. Now more than ever, it is important to use all the tools to your advantage to create compelling and eye catching messages for your campaign. Regular text is no longer appealing to readers, for your next email marketing campaign, try crafting a newsletter or promoting a blog. For both of these options, you can create an accompanying infographic that shows off your business’s recent accomplishments. 

When crafting your newsletter or blog promotion, make sure to stay away from long paragraphs of copy and basic looking templates. If you don’t carefully design your email campaign, you could risk getting caught in the spam folder.

3. Violating GDPR Standards

Your mass email service needs to be GDPR compliant if you want your messages to be delivered properly

Violating GDPR standards is a quick way to end up in the spam folder.

GDPR — which stands for General Data Protection Regulations —  is a set of rules that ensure the legality of your marketing emails. The standards state that your recipients data is properly protected and that your recipients are only receiving your emails as long as they have opted in. Once you get the hang of email marketing, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about GDPR standards. Again, the right mass email service can ensure compliance and prevent you from making common email marketing mistakes that will tip off the GDPR.

4. No Optimization for Mobile Devices

It is likely that your audience will first interact with your emails on their phone

Make sure your emails look just as good on mobile as they do on a desktop.

Smartphones are integral to the way we do business nowadays. That means, if your email marketing campaign isn’t optimized for mobile, it’s likely that you won’t get any responses or interactions. Emails that are not mobile friendly are also more often reported as spam, which can easily derail your email campaign. Luckily, the right email marketing service can display a mobile preview that will give you an idea of how your email is appearing for smartphone users. If your email is disrupted or looks strange on mobile, you’ll definitely want to make some tweaks to maximize your delivery rate. 

5. Ignoring Important Metrics from your Mass Email Service

One of the best features of mass email services is the ability to collect data from your target audience

target metrics

By ignoring the valuable metrics gathered by your mass email service, you are bound to keep making the same mistakes with your email marketing over and over again. When you use data to improve your strategy, you can continually increase email interactions and decrease your bounce rate.

For example, a bulk email service gives you the power to A/B test your messages. A/B testing in this case refers to the practice of sending out two email variations and testing which ones are more effective. Using A/B testing, you can gather metrics on subject line options, design elements, and different copy options. This way, you can consistently improve and tweak your messages for maximum marketing appeal.

If you’re still stuck when it comes to email marketing — that’s okay! Email marketing is difficult to master and definitely takes some time to learn. As long as you avoid these common pitfalls and craft a compelling message, you are started on the right track. Just be patient, constantly test your messages, and soon you’ll be killing the email marketing game.

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