How To Find A Good b2b Portal Developer

There is a sufficient number of proposals for website development. The cost of services can range from thousands to millions. According to the description, the companies do not differ much, each claims that they have completed hundreds of projects, have been working for a long time and you need to trust them. Our b2b portal development company will give you answers to all your questions. Let’s sort out the proposals.

Search queries

First you need to enter the query “create sites”. The downside is that many people create resources for search engines, not people. On the resource, the text is full of keywords.

How the website of the company itself is made

This is the face of the developer. The resource should be user-friendly, demonstrate what the developer can offer to the client. Do not trust those who “have no time to add a portfolio, but have made hundreds of sites” or their own resource is not yet ready, but it is being done. It is not often that a company has a lot of customers and has no time to take care of its own face. If a phone number is listed in the contacts, it may not be a company.

Clients and Portfolio

Be interested in the portfolio section, the list of clients you have collaborated with. Pay attention to the works that hit the tops. Creating a website is just the beginning, it needs to be promoted and supported. If the resource was made several years ago, look at the changes, correctness of work, innovations, positions in search engines. Check the studio’s copyright on the website, in some cases they do not relate to development, but add to their portfolio.

In the section “Clients” there can be tricks when they write a lie, which is difficult to verify. They can list many large companies with dozens of branches, it is not easy to verify their authenticity.


There are many different ratings that evaluate a studio. You can use the following for this:

• Tagline (;

• Runet rating (;

• Ruward (

With their help, you can find the best developer for the future site, since there is information about the portfolio, the cost of services. These resources have their own methodology for calculating the rating, so it will not always suit your criteria.


Reputable studios submit their work to competitions. Therefore, you can search among the contestants.


Customer feedback can be conflicting. Not everyone is ready to share their opinion and leave a positive review, because they believe that if the service is done well, then this is in the order of things. But if it’s bad, then they can speak up. But they will not want to publish a negative review.

As a rule, the reviews are completely fictional. Another thing is video or audio feedback.

Services and employees provided

Analyze what the company is ready to offer. Can they do the promotion, what kind of warranty support, do they charge a fee for each call. Sometimes the mobile versions of the sites made are not taken into account. Try to find information about what achievements the employees have. Look at social media profiles, the frequency of posts, and the number of people who responded to them.


Specify how and where the site is developed, with what tools. There are many old technologies, but the developers use them anyway. This option can lead to incorrect display on some devices, unstable work. Find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the platforms in advance, before giving preference to the developer.

“On the same wave”

It is necessary that it is comfortable to communicate with the performer, the views must coincide. Otherwise, contradictions may simply appear.

Service price

The hour of the company’s work, as a rule, is 1000 – 1800 rubles. If they offer a site price of 50 thousand rubles, then imagine how much you need to work on it. To make a high-quality website, you need to work on it for at least two months, and at least eight specialists are involved in the process. What do you think should be the price of such work?

This item needs to be considered in a comprehensive manner, in conjunction with others. The cost of the work may not always be adequate, some developers set a high price, but the quality of the work leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the price list does not always really reflect the level of the performer. It is necessary to collect all the listed questions, and only after that make a decision to whom to entrust the work.

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