How to Estimate Costs of a Mobile App Development


If you think that a good mobile application can be build for cheap, just because there are tons of free apps out there, you are absolutely wrong. Even though modern apps development methods and technologies are developing with an enormous speed, making the whole process  faster and easier in some ways, costs required for the creation of a decent mobile application, remain virtually the same, and remain pretty high.

A serious development of a good mobile application requires a detailed planning, a perfect eco-system, a solid conceptual foundation and, of course, exceptional talent and skills in both engineering and design stages. If you stint even on one of these essential elements, your startup is doomed to failure. So, how much does it cost to build a good mobile application? Apparently, giving a valid answer to this question is hardly possible, as mobile apps development expenses depend on various factors.

Let’s have a look at the list of things, Nearshore FreezePro Software Company specialists consider before building a mobile application.

Concept and Technical Characteristics Discussion

Before proceeding with the application development, it is necessary to understand the concept of the future project, as well as client’s expectations and requirements. Thus, the first and foremost step is to arrange a meeting with a potential client and get a detailed information about the app – its main idea and functional requirements. During the first meeting ( be it an onsite visit or an online conference) we discuss technical requirements and also the initial design of the future application. For example, should it be an app designed for one specific gadget or platform, or maybe, it will be a cross-platform app, compatible with several devices. Much attention here should be paid to the functional characteristics of the future application.

When the concept is agreed and all the details are discussed we estimate time necessary for the application development and calculate costs. At this phase we share app requirements with the developers and designers who will work on the project.

Design Estimate

Generally, the amount of time necessary for creating a design of a mobile application depends on its complexity level and on the required screens and interactions. We have a skilled team of experienced specialists, who know exactly how to estimate time necessary for accomplishing specific tasks.  For instance, the development of UI visual design usually takes from sixty to ninety hours, and about 70-100 hours are necessary for creating an iPhone design.To come up with the final design estimate we also consider time required for the project management and apply an hourly rate.

Development Estimate

Upon studying functional requirements of the app, our developers give an estimate of the time necessary for its development. Depending on the app, the development time may vary from 150 to 6 hundred hours and even longer. Similarly to design, development estimate is calculated basing on an hourly rate.

Testing and Debugging

No mobile app development can be accomplished without testing and debugging. Thorough testing of an app is highly important, so this phase of the app development is also added to the overall costs of an app development.

Speaking in terms of figures, the development of a custom mobile app may cost about  $75,000 – $150,000. However, this amount can be much higher when it comes to enterprise mobile applications.

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