How to Deal With Messy Tenatans

Immediately a client rents a property for a specific period of time, the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene is the responsibility of the tenant and only of the tenant. However, landlords do not have the right to force the tenants to follow their standard of cleanliness. Renters live in the unit for that fixed time and if they prefer to live in a mess is not the landlord’s problem but theirs. As a landlord, you will have to get used to.

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But how are you supposed to deal with such type of tenants? 

As we already said, it is the renter’s responsibility to maintain the levels of cleanliness of the property during the tenancy. According to most tenancy agreements, the tenant is obliged to return the unit to the landlord in as good or better condition as stated in the move-in report. Of course, there are some deductions, often due to wear and tear.

Usually, most tenants do not cause any problems as some of them might even leave the unit in a lot better condition than they obtained it. If the opposite happens, it is a good fortune that the deposit is there to take care of any damages or breaks.

Take Advantage of the “Professional Cleaning” Clause 

In any housing contract, there is a professional cleaning clause that tells how the cleaning will be done or compensated. The landlord, however, can agree with the tenant about the move-out cleaning. The tenant may decide to do the end of tenancy cleaning on their own, and the deposited sum of money will be used as a compensation for the service.

There are countries like the UK, for example, that made it illegal for tenants to charge tenants for professional cleaning services. If the tenant has done their part of the tenancy agreement, it is up to the landlord to decide whether or not to book a cleaning service but on their own budget. 

If the tenant fails to provide the initial levels of cleanliness, it is okay for the landlord to deduct the right amount from the security deposit.

Let the Tenant Book a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Most tenants decide to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service because they think it is cheaper than when left on the hands of the landlord. Also, the tenant can carry out the move-out cleaning on their own. In case of an unsatisfying outcome, the landlord can agree with the tenant to book a professional service.  

Consider What Requires Professional Cleaning 

No doubt, there is a huge difference between professional end of tenancy cleaning and daily cleaning routine. As a landlord, it is advisable to make an agreement with your tenant about the expected levels of cleanliness. 

It is worth seeking a hand of a professional end of tenancy cleaner. Professionally cleaned home will surely help you to win even more tenants. If you are not sure which cleaning company you can trust, please know that our company is always at the ready to help you perform a thorough clean. Book and we will take care of everything for you. We assure you that we never meet failures! 

Consider the Tenant’s History 

It is a good idea to consider the history of your tenant and their quality. You will see that it is important because it can help you decide whether to give a waiver or spend the security deposit on a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. You should also consider the duration of tenancy and how reliable your tenants are.

Even though there are some considerations to keep in mind, the tenant is the one who has to return the property in as good or better condition as when they obtained it. If they fail, the landlord keeps the right to use the deposit to book a professional cleaning service. 

As a landlord you may want to check out our landlord’s guide about cleaning after tenants.

While it is not easy to be a landlord, dealing with messy tenants is something you will have to cope with every once in a while. Unfortunately, you cannot predict how tenants choose to live, but you can make a cleanliness clause to protect your property.

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