How to Become a Better Writer

How to Become a Better Writer

Working within creative industries is notoriously tough, particularly if you dream of becoming a famous author. Trying to get a novel published through a small press or securing a literary agent to represent you can be a brutal process, which is probably why more and more writers are choosing to self-publish these days. However, even though it is now easier to do this for writers, there is still so much competition to consider. So, how do you make sure your books, whether published through a press or by yourself, are good enough for people to want to buy them? How can you make your stories so captivating that people can’t get enough? It will take more than just having an excellent imagination. Writing takes skill and discipline, too. If you’re a writer who wants to get better, the tips below might be useful for you. 

Study Your Craft

If you want to try and improve your writing skills then your first job is to enroll on a creative writing course. Whether you study this as a degree at college or find another short-term course that is run by professional writers, these lessons could be invaluable to you. Not only this, but you will be studying alongside other writers, which will allow you the opportunity to hear different voices and writing styles that could inspire you. You might also get the chance to make some fantastic connections within the literary world that could help your career as an author. Getting feedback from both your classmates and your teachers will help you grow and discover areas you need to work on that you might not have thought about before.

Listen to Critiques of Your Work Without Ego

It can be devasting when someone tears apart the work that you have poured your heart and soul into, and this might knock your confidence a bit. However, although it is hard to hear critiques of your work at times, try not to let your ego get the better of you. Don’t take this feedback personally, but instead view it as an opportunity for you to learn and become a better writer. 

Consider Downloading Writing Software

Software for creative writing—is that not cheating?! No, it’s not. Book writing software can help you write a better book by going more in-depth than your standard word processor by picking up on grammatical errors or making suggestions on how you can make a sentence more interesting. Running these programs is great for your editing process so you can send a clean and tidy manuscript to a publisher, or simply upload your book to self-publish when you’re finished.

Take Some Time Away from Your Idea and Return to it Later

You might have a wonderful idea for a story in your head and that’s great, but make sure you’re taking the time to develop it properly. After you have written out your rough plan, take some time away from it and come back later with fresh eyes. This will help you pick up on features such as plot holes or weak characters that might need more development, or perhaps don’t belong in the story at all. When you have fleshed out your idea properly, then you can sit down to write! 

If you want to improve your writing skills to move forward in your career as an author, consider these tips and see how they can help you.

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