How Start Up Companies Can Use Brand Activations to Get Noticed

One of the biggest challenges that startup companies face is brand awareness. You know you offer a great product or that you have the perfect solution for your clients, but they don’t know about you.

Brand activations are targeted events that connect with consumers and professionals directly through a personal brand experience. While there has recently been an uptick in the number of online events and activations driven by the pandemic, brand activations are typically thought of as in-person events that companies can then leverage for a broader campaign. A successful brand activation can:

  • Introduce your company to the people most likely to become clients and strengthen relationships with existing clients;
  • Break through a world saturated with advertising to engage people directly;
  • Jumpstart a bigger online and offline advertising campaign and generate more buzz in your industry.

Brand Activations: Where to Start?

A successful brand activation starts with a big idea. It’s the core message you want to integrate into every element of your marketing campaign, including activations, publicity, social media, and online and offline channels.

Activations bring experiential marketing into the fold, sparking a memorable experience for consumers to remember you by. Your challenge starts with creating engagement relevant to your core message.

How to Get Noticed: What Is Interactive Digital Signage?

Creating an experience that’s both on-brand and that will get people’s attention is the next challenge. Turning to technology can provide the solution, and pop-up interactive digital signage is a great place to start.

Working with a digital signage company, you can create a unique, interactive experience that will make a long-lasting impression. You need an experience that uniquely fits your creative vision and that you can use indoors or outdoors with minimal setup costs and time commitment.

Today’s digital signage software leverages gamification, touch and gesture-activated interactivity, and even Augmented Reality elements to open up the possibilities.

Digital signage can be the star of the show or add a secondary element to the event that you’re planning. It can help you integrate your online advertising campaign, share your brand’s origin story through visuals, include social media influencer partnerships, and surprise your audience with something unique.

Where Should Your Brand Activation Happen?

Finally, you need to find the right place and context to reach the appropriate audience, and that all depends on your business.

If you’re a B2B company, you’ll be targeting trade shows or hosting events for industry professionals. For example, software companies will want to target the industries they feel can benefit most from their product. Developers might turn the launch of a new project into an event for real estate agents to get them interested in their units.

The opportunities are endless for companies looking to create brand experiences for consumers. They can look toward festivals, public events, and busy streets, parks, or commuter hubs as locations for their brand activations.

A brand activation done well can introduce your start up company to the people who are most likely to turn into customers. Target your audience, create your experience, and get the right technology to garner the attention your brand deserves.

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