How Has Technology Changed Vaping: Should You Start Vaping E-juice?

Fourteen years ago, in 2007, electronic cigarettes were put on the market, and ever since, they’ve been getting more and more popular each day. Along with the device, e-juice has evolved too, becoming more affordable and easy to get.

The advent of e-commerce also made it simpler for many companies to build their sales and sell cheap vape juice online. Today, anyone can easily find, buy, and consume their favorite e-juice, but should you start vaping? Let’s find out.

The Technology of Vaping


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After a few years of research and patenting, the second generation of vaping devices appeared on the market, replacing disposable cartomizers with a refillable tank. Most of the vaping devices available today have four different parts built into the device:

  • A refillable tank or a cartridge that holds the e juice;
  • A battery;
  • A mouthpiece that a people uses to inhale the e juice; 
  • A heating element that helps heat the e-juice for further use;

When you take a puff, it activates the battery that heats the e-juice in the tank, vaporizing it. When the e-juice vaporizes, the person then inhales the resulting aerosol, and that is called vaping.

The Evolution  

As we said at the beginning, vaping has evolved rapidly over the years. Medical science’s current trend is to try developing Nano-drugs that will help the user take regular medication via a vaping device. This approach would help patients who are scared of needles take their medicine in a less invasive way.

V-meds nanotechnology research is still in its infancy, though. Scientists are trying to develop v-medication to help patients deal with migraines, seasonal flu, AIDS, and maybe even cancer, but we’ll have to wait a while before v-meds hit the market.

Other research shows that using an e-juice that contains CBD can help people suffering from insomnia, migraines or help loosen up tense muscles after a workout. However, when using that kind of e-juice, you should always consult your doctor so that they can recommend the best CBD e-juice and dosage for your needs.  

Benefits of Vaping E Juice 

One of the main advantages of electronic cigarettes is that it doesn’t contain many of the toxins that regular cigarettes have, but there are a few other benefits:

No unpleasant smoke fills the room – because the e-liquid is made up of oils, flavorings, and all the other components, it doesn’t make a room feel like a gas chamber. E-liquid produces an aerosol that dissipates quicker than smoke, so it won’t hurt anyone’s eyes.

The smell doesn’t stick to your clothes or walls – even after a few hours of vaping, your clothes, curtains, furniture, and your pets’ fur won’t smell like a tobacco factory. 

No yellow and smelly fingers – another benefit of vaping is that the vapor doesn’t stick to your fingers. Because e-juice is preheated inside the electronic device, and you have no contact with the heated e-liquid whatsoever when drawing, your fingers will stay clean and won’t show any discoloration or bad smell.

You don’t have to worry about second-hand smoke – one more good thing about vaping is that there’s no significant proof second-hand aerosol is harmful to the people around you. That means that the person sitting next to you isn’t going to get harmed by the aerosol from your e-cigarette.

A week’s supply of e-juice is cheaper than a day’s worth of cigarettes – e-juice is several times less expensive than regular cigarettes when you look at weekly or monthly consumption.

As you can see, these are not trivial things, and e-juice has the upper hand here. 

Disadvantages of Vaping E Juice

Unfortunately, some side effects are there too, especially if you are smoking e-juice that contains nicotine.

Nicotine is still nicotine, and it’s addictive – many e-juice flavors contain nicotine and can, therefore, still cause addiction if vaped frequently. However, the good thing about e-juices is that you can buy low nicotine or no nicotine versions.

Some suppliers don’t do enough to dissuade teenagers – many online stores don’t require any substantial form of age confirmation, apart from entering an arbitrary birth date or checking a button that says “Yes, I am 18+”. That’s why more teenagers are buying e-juice and vaping devices.

You can experience vaper’s tongue – if you vape the same flavors frequently, you may become numb to the taste. However, you can overcome this issue by taking a short break from vaping or switching to a weaker or flavor-free e-juice for a week or two. 

There aren’t too many disadvantages to vaping, particularly for those used to smoking a pack of cigarettes or more each day. 


Even though many people believe that e-cigarettes will help them stop smoking regular cigarettes, vaping has never been proven to do so with any success. Most e-juices contain nicotine, so they can cause addiction and nicotine cravings if you are a non-smoker.

Before you buy your vaping device and your e-juice, make sure to get accurate information about what you want. You want to choose the right flavor and nicotine ratio for your needs.