How do Professionals Repair Water Damage in Crawl Space?

Crawl spaces are one of the most neglected parts of the house. People do not clean these areas very often. The untidiness leads to many issues. The major one is water leakage. 

Professional Water Damage Repair in Crawl Space

Repair Water Damage

Whenever you face a water leakage problem, you should hire professionals for the solution. Get help from professional teams. They will follow the exact method required for the repair. 

However, if you can’t afford such services, here is how this is done. You can get your work done on your own with a little extra effort. 

Protect floors

If your basement does not have an outgoing point, you will need to move all the equipment through the indoor house. This can damage your floors. Cover all the floors with some protective covering, preferably plastic. 

Identify the source of water

The most crucial step is to find the point of disturbance. The point of water leakage needs to be the center of attention. Find the point and start repairing. It will most probably be a leaking water pipe. Be careful because if the crack is weak, a little pressure will increase the problem.

Dig the trench

You’ll need to put the water in a trench. It is the best possible way to dispose of the water. Dig the trench away from the foundation, because if the water seeps into the foundation, the whole house can wreck down. The ideal distance of the trench from the foundation is 18 inches. However, it depends on the size of the house too.

Fill the trench 

Now fill the trench with drain rock. It will be your next step to managing the disposal of the accumulated water.

Spread the soil

While digging the trench, there will be a great mess. All the soil that comes out from the trench will be creating tufts while performing your tasks. The best option is to spread the soil evenly. This will ease out your work.

Install a GFCI outlet

For your safety, you will be needing a ground-floor protected outlet. You can do that by yourself. But hiring an electrician is a more sensible solution. He will professionally do the work without any hurdles.

Install a sump pump

Install the sump pump. A sump pump is an automatic pump. It will detect the accumulated water and will pump it out automatically. This will save a lot of your precious time and efforts.

Install a discharge pipe

Now the discharge pipe will be installed. It will be installed within the trench. The outlet is kept up to a point outside the trench. 

Lay the vapor barrier

Lay the vapor barrier on the crawl space ground. It will act as a water-resistant barrier on the crawl space ground. 

Install new vents

Vents are installed on the exterior wall of the crawl space. It will help to keep water and moisture out.The above steps are followed for a company during professional crawl repair services.  

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