How Cloud Print Services Brings More Flexibility To Your Print Infrastructure

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There is no doubt that cloud-based technology has improved the way in which we do business and there isn’t much in terms of the tech we use which hasn’t been impacted by this. Today we are going to focus in particular on the way in which the cloud is able to improve the quality of print service that companies like Konica Minolta New Zealand are able to offer businesses throughout the country. Companies will often see a pitch from print services yet fail to understand what the exact benefits are of the cloud print service. 

To explain this in further depth, here is how this tech can bring more flexibility to your office’s print infrastructure. 

Print From Anywhere 

The pandemic has increased the number of people who are working remotely and this would usually have thrown up a challenge for on-site printing. Thanks to the cloud-based service however all users who are logged in and authorized to print will be able to print from their remote location to the office. This makes meetings easier, it ensures that all stakeholders have the prints that they need and it reduces complications that would have come from a workforce in a variety of locations. 

Security of Printing 

Being able to print from anywhere may throw up some risks with regards to security, but the cloud ensures that this is simply not the case. Cloud-based services have a high level of security and they will require that only those authorized to use the services will be able to print and access any data that is needed. If someone is on a public network and sending sensitive information to the printer in the office, they can be safe in the knowledge that the cloud printing will ensure that this information is treated as sensitive and that no prying eyes will be able to see it. 

Ease of Print Job Management 

Because of the emergence of cloud-based print services it has never been easier to manage print queues and spot trends in what the company needs regarding its printing. This will enable businesses to efficiently print, to scale up and down as and when they need, and will also remove any obstacles such as hefty print jobs at peak printing times. 

Configuring Printers

The cloud has the capability to configure multiple printers on the same network, even across multiple sites. This again helps to increase productivity in the business and again influences efficiency. This kind of flexibility will also help companies to manage their ink and toner levels across all of the printers so that replacements can be installed in one fell swoop, further adding to the efficiency of the print service. 

Why You Should Look To Use Cloud Print Services?

Beyond the clear flexibility which this kind of service offers, there is a range of benefits that businesses can count on when they introduce cloud-based print services to their business. Cost-saving is one of the most important aspects to focus on here and through increased efficiency, better part management, and reduced wastage, this is exactly what you will be able to count on. Beyond this, we have to factor in the ease of use and the consistency of the equipment inside the building. This will reduce idle time and ensure that your staff is not let down when they need to print or scan important documentation. 

This kind of service could really supercharge your business and remove so many of the issues which we have seen over the years with print services, the cloud is very much the way forward.

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