How Can Second Hand Pallets Help Your Business?

The supply chain that connects growers, makers, distributors, and retailers within the food industry is improbably complicated; however, this complete infrastructure rests on one easy component and that is the pallet.

Wooden pallets are created to use in chassis so as to form significant points where the containers can rest on them. They are promptly available on the market. Although pallets are made of different materials, wooden is the most preferred option among buyers. These are used all across the world as food storage and even merchandise maintaining containers.

Without the pallet, the flexibility to move massive quantities of food items on this offer chain would be greatly hindered, perhaps even not possible.

Used Pallets

Why are Pallets Popular?

Move one box at a time or up to at least a hundred? Pallets are one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. The utilization of pallets alongside the palletization of materials was once thought of to be a robust part of handling strategy; today, trade takes observation for the part without any consideration. In fact, within the effort to continually improve offer chain operations, pallets were typically checked out as a technology to be avoided, in an attempt to eliminate their price, their weight or their cube.

When you talk about a shipping pallet, the image will come to your mind is wood, isn’t it? Pallets were historically wood-manufactured, plastic pallets became a lot of rife in recent years as firms shipping usually and in high volumes understand its benefits. However, 90-95% of shippers still want the old version of the wood pallet.

Wood hand pallets

Benefits of Wood Second Hand Pallets:

Wood is the most common material used in pallet construction for the food and beverage industry. To help you choose the wooden pallets over plastic and aluminum pallets, here are five benefits of wooden pallets that you can get when transporting items.

#1 Affordability

Second hand pallets that are made of wood are cheaper than any other pallets made of plastic or aluminum. Although reducing your pallet costs can help you realize tremendous overall savings in your transportation chain.

#2 Retained Value

As second hand wood pallets are less expensive than the plastic or aluminum ones, they still retain their value well over time. The potential resale value can help your business recoup some of its investment if your transportation needs a change in the future.

#3 Strength and Durability

Food and beverage shipments can be quite heavy. However, without any doubt, you can opt for second hand pallets made of wooden because they are strong and capable of holding more weight than the other options available in the market.

Another advantage of buying second hand pallets is that you get to save a lot of money. But, before buying you need to make sure they are highly durable like the new ones. The strong and sturdy construction of wooden pallets means they are less likely to be damaged, helping reduce replacement costs and keeping your supply chain flowing.

#4 Natural Antimicrobial Properties

Wood contains antimicrobial properties that are not present in plastic or aluminum. The use of wooden pallets can help cut down on the spread of dangerous bacteria, as long as your company takes time to regularly inspect them for contamination.

#5 Overall Environmental Impact

As a natural product, wooden pallets have the potential to be recycled once they have reached the end of their life. If a wooden pallet gets damaged and needs to be repaired, do not get it fixed simply use it as mulch. Plastic pallets, in particular, cannot be recycled, greatly increasing a business’ carbon footprint.

Now that you know it all, buy second hand pallets and make your life easier.

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