Housing.com Real Estate App Making your Life Simple

Property portal housing.com has created a mobile app that is available both for Android and iOS platforms. This app has been created in the image of the services that the portal offers. The technology has been optimized for small screens and therefore the property seekers are able to find the houses and agents of their choice with as much ease as possible. The app has been created as a property search tool and does not incorporate all the features that are there on the portal. Simplicity in innovation has been the motto and there the app has scored full points. It has become an important tool in searching real estate assets while on the move.


The app features

There are four distinct search options available on the app. The first one is to buy properties while the second one is to rent houses. The third option has been dedicated to searching for PG and hostels and the last option has been put into place for the search of PG and hostel accommodations. Assume you are looking for accommodations in Chennai. There are a number of ways to go about it. The first method is to search for houses using the app and the other is to search for property agents who would do the job for you. The benefit of opting for real estate brokers in Chennai is that one agent would be able to offer a number of properties and would also get all the formality and paperwork done. The brokers in most of the cases are responsible for multiple properties and hence one source generates multiple options. They are the best bet to get the job done especially in case a person is not from the area. Over the years, the city has been considered to be one of the most important cities for property investment. However the brokers merely do not help with investment but also with rentals. All these features make them indispensable resources in a house search.

The process of searching houses is also simple. There are straight options to go for. However it is suggested that one opt for a property agent to speed up the process. These agents can be searched in the same manner and the map based search results allow one to locate the offices of an agent in a locality. Clicking on agent details reveals not only the properties that are under the charge of the property agent but also the details. Every property agent listed on the app has been verified by an agent of housing.com who has visited the agent and verified the details. It is only then that the details are listed on the portal.

How to search for property agents on the map?

When one selects the option to search for real estate agents in Chennai, the details emerge on a map of Chennai locality. It becomes easier to consider which areas to visit first and hence which property agents to choose first. As a result, the app has become the perfect tool to search for housing agents while on the move and find houses worth investing quickly.

In Conclusion

Property portal housing.com has used the same technology and innovation in the app that it has used int eh portal. As a result, the app is an effective tool.


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