Homeselling And Moving Tips For First Time Homesellers

Thinking of selling your home anytime soon? Well, you must start by creating a solid plan, which would include everything from the home inspection to the close of escrow, and finally moving to the new home.

We understand that you want the best price for your home, but to ensure that it happens, you must follow a few steps.

Enlisted below are a few tips to ensure your home sale turns out to be a success, and so does your relocation.

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Identify The Motivation To Sell

Your home has already been listed, but you are too sceptical about how your life is going to change. 

So before you start the process, spend some time and understand the reason why you want to sell. It is an emotional and overwhelming affair; therefore, it is essential to consider your motivation.

Weigh the pros and cons, keeping in mind your financial condition. If your house is in good condition and can accommodate you for a few more years, you may want to stick by it. But in case, you have much bigger reasons to move; you can consider getting pre-approved on your mortgage.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you don’t have much knowledge about the real estate market, it’s better to seek help from the professional. Interview the best real estate agents in your area, and shortlist the ones that can market houses for sale in Burlington really well. 

Once you have taken your pick, talk to them about how they plan on selling your home. Also, ask them to prepare a comparative market analysis that can help you estimate the current value of your property.

Hire A Home Inspector

Your estate broker will help you decide the right window to sell and inform about the current market conditions. Whereas, your home inspector will perform a detailed examination of the property, and provide an inspection report highlighting the problematic areas that need to be rectified. 

So, call a professional home inspector, and based on his evaluation, make the necessary repairs. But, make a wise decision. Not all repairs will pay off. Fix the issues that will up your home’s value. 

Even if you don’t want to make any repairs, you should get the regular maintenance done so that the buyer doesn’t use that against you.

Prepare Your Home

Once you are through with the repairs and maintenance task, stage your home so that as soon as the visitor steps inside, they give I-wanna-live-here vibes. 

  • Declutter. Depersonalize. Make it generic.
  • Move your furniture around so that your rooms can look big and spacious. 
  • Clear the counters and shelves.
  • Decorate the dining room as if you are going to host a fancy dinner in the evening.
  • Mix and match your living area, and use throw blankets and fur pillows to accessorize the sofa.
  • Light up your entryway.
  • Add potted plants or planters to make the area look greener and cosy.

Once you are through with all the decorations, take high definition pictures of the entire house and keep them with you. 

If the listings does not get you potential buyers, use these pictures to post ads on social media. Don’t forget the old, traditional methods of marketing. Place signs around the block and use arrows pointing towards your home. Also, send ads in local newspapers and magazines.

Watch For Closing Hurdles 

If you aren’t getting the kind of response you had imagined, you may have to rewind and reconsider things. 

The reason for a disappointing response can be anything – it might be the higher sale price, the ineffective marketing, or the carelessness of avoiding a home inspection.

Getting a good offer for your home is probably the biggest hurdle, but even when you have signed the contract, it doesn’t mark the end of your struggle. Consider the following issues that can strike up before the closing day.

Bad Inspection Report – Even if you don’t perform the home inspection yourself, the buyer may go ahead, and get one done themselves. Their inspection report may raise many red flags, which might force the buyer to think if the property is worth the value. In such a case, you must be prepared to negotiate with the seller or pay for the repair cost from your own.

Home Appraisal Too Low – There may be a situation where your home’s appraisal comes lower than the loan amount the buyer has requested from the lender. When this happens, the buyer may call off the deal.

Prepare For The Move

Once you have signed the deal, you can start preparing for the move. Contact the best moving company in Bethesda, MD, and book their services in advance.

Since you have already decluttered, packing wouldn’t take much time and effort. If you want everything to be done quickly, call professional movers in Maryland to help you pack your belongings. They can reduce the burden on your shoulders, and help you relocate hassle-free.

Here you have them – Top tips for selling and moving house. 

We hope this article helped you!

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