6 Home Appliance We Never Knew We Needed

If you’ve been maintaining your own home for quite a while, you may think that you’re all set with all the home appliances you need to lead a comfortable and stress-free life. But do you already have these time-saving, super-handy kitchen tools? 

Home Appliance

Here we have the six must-have home appliance we never knew we needed:

  1. Electric chopper 

Do you own a food processor? If you do, and if you’re like me, the bulky food processor might just be hidden in the cabinets or collecting dust somewhere in your kitchen. I love my food processor, but sometimes, it can just be so bulky and heavy to bring out if I just want to slice a bunch of tomatoes quickly. 

Here’s where an electric chopper comes in. 

These kitchen tools are tiny and make food prep a breeze. And like its bigger brother food processor, electric choppers can also mince, slice, grind, and cube veggies, fruits, cheeses, nuts, and meat.

  1. Airfryer 

The airfryer didn’t just go viral for nothing. They’re one of the newest kitchen appliances to have gone viral and the fanfare isn’t waning down either. This is for good reason.

Have you felt your skin being burnt by super-hot oil before? Well, with an airfryer, you won’t ever have to shield yourself from the possibility of getting hit with angry, flying oil.  An airfryer lets you fry an entire chunk of meat or deep-fry fish that would have been deadly if you fried them on a regular pan.

Plus your kids can cook bacon, burgers, french fries, and other quick meals without touching fire or heat. 

  1. Bean-to-cup espresso machine

Coffee lovers who have drip coffee machines are loyal to their hot drinks. But once they try the bean-to-cup espresso machine and taste how authentic and rich a freshly-ground coffee bean is? I’m sure they’ll change their minds and stick to espresso from now on.

It’s crazy how technology has changed in the last couple of years. With a bean-to-cup machine, the most work you’ll do is refill coffee beans and pour in clean water. This removes the need for a separate grinder and coffee maker, which made it double expensive for home use. 

With bean-to-cup machines, you get to enjoy and invent hot and cold coffee drinks you’ve been paying for at Starbucks for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Microwave Oven

There are various kinds of ovens around now (from toaster ovens to digital ovens and everything in between), but the microwave oven will forever be one of the most useful and convenient kitchen gadgets you can have. 

If you don’t have one, you’re missing out because it could serve as your herb dehydrator, sponge disinfector, defrosting and reheating tool, dough-proofing, and even cooking an entire meal from side dishes to entrees. 

If you have kids who are in kindergarten, you’ll be using the microwave oven for a whole lot of projects, from melting old Crayola to creating all kinds of arts and crafts.   

  1. Soda maker

This is one discovery that I share with everyone I know because soda makers are just super-fun and eco-friendly. Imagine the number of plastic waste we could collectively reduce if we made our sparkling water drinks from the comfort of our homes WITH TAP WATER! How cool is that? 

And the soda maker is pretty user-friendly too! No need to learn techy instructions. Just press a couple of buttons and wait for it to mix you a perfectly carbonated drink every time. 

It isn’t the cheapest appliance on this list, but it is definitely the most exciting, especially if you’ve been a fan of Coke, Pepsi, and other similar drinks (without the large amounts of sugar). 

You do have to refill the 60-liter CO2 Gas Cylinder, which can eventually save over a thousand bottles and cola cans each year. 

  1. Programmable bread machine

If you always loved your bread machine, you’ll be amazed by the newer, programmable bread machines in the market today. 

If you’ve been bitten by the bread-making bug, you won’t stop anytime soon if you buy a modern bread machine. 

Just imagine investing in one kitchen equipment that lets you bake bread with a press of a button. They’re preset to cook anything from soft bread, sweet bread, sourdough bread, French bread, whole-wheat, multi-grain, sugar-free, cake bread, gluten-free, and so much more. 

You can even find bread makers nowadays that have a function for fermenting or leavening dough. Some are designed with a dispenser where you can put nuts, raisins, and other toppings so you can evenly spread your preferred loaf topping before it bakes. 

Is it surprising that the appliances on this list are all kitchen tools? Well, a typical household spends around 3 hours a day in the kitchen. Using the equipment above can make food prep and cooking extremely hassle-free and a lot less time-consuming. 

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