Here’s Why you Should Want to Work in Insurance

There is an old-fashioned perception that insurance is not the most exciting industry to go into, and that it is all hard sales and lacking in fun. However, these notions exist from before the insurance sector became a leader in utilizing sophisticated technology. Now, the insurance industry is light years ahead of most industries regarding technology innovation, and companies like Insly are at the forefront of this.

There are many different roles for you to consider when working for an insurance company. You may start out with working in customer service, helping customers by supporting them in their hour of need, before working your way into a different area such as customer engagement manager, an analytical role or project manager. These are only a few of the roles that are available, but in large companies, there is such a variety of roles you will never run out of opportunities.

A report produced by Fortune stated that working for a great insurance company can be hugely rewarding. It also states that nearly 51 million insurance jobs will be created by 2022, largely down to industry growth. Many insurance companies are increasing salary packages to encourage more skilled workers into the industry, and you will find that some offer great health benefits programs.

Insurance companies also offer a wide range of technical roles to support the sophisticated technology infrastructure. Whether you are working in Ottawa network management or any other type of technical role, you should think about working in insurance. From firewall technicians to software developers, there are many technical roles with great benefits that other industries would struggle to compete with.

The insurance industry is on the rise, and as it embraces more innovative technology, it becomes an even more exciting prospect for any worker. If you’re not happy in your current role, fancy a change or would like to be entitled to a better all round benefits package, then you should take a look at some of the current roles available within the insurance sector.

You can earn a very good salary within the insurance industry. CNBC recently revealed the top 25 highest paid jobs in America and the insurance sector held several positions. Risk Manager came out at around $115,000, Actuaries also $115,000, Analytics Manager $106,00, and a huge array of IT based roles higher up in the rankings that are also available in the insurance industry. Software Development Manager was right near the top of the rankings, with a median base salary of $132,000.

After hearing about the great pay, the insurance business is surely sounding much more profitable than any other right now. With insurance companies offering some of the best employment packages out there, and that the insurance industry is expanding and introducing more jobs, what is there to lose? With the innovative technology many companies use, and the potential to move into a multitude of fields, you won’t regret a career change like this.

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