Hemp and CBD, the new big Business in Switzerland

Did you know that half a million people in Switzerland use Cannabis and related products? This high number of CBD users is attributed to the fact that Cannabidiol has been medically approved to treat various conditions.  Since 2011, CBD products that contain one percent of THC have been legalized in Switzerland giving people the freedom and legal right to use CBD products. Owing to the legal authorization and medical approval of Cannabis and its related products, The Hemp and CBD business has been booming all over Switzerland and every day, more people want to use the products.

CBD business

Cannabis Distribution Scheme Was Approved in Switzerland

The use of recreational CBD products was on the rise with more people demanding the product. The Swiss Parliament approved the cultivation for the medical use of Cannabis in the country and its subsequent export. Thereby allowing the country to join the race to position itself in the international market for medicinal cannabis or CBD products. It should however, not contain THC levels of more than 1% and it needs to be safe for human use. All CBD and cannabis products should be sourced from only Swiss organic farming.

How the Hemp and CBD Business is Booming

There is a wide range of Swiss CBD products to choose from. A range that spreads considerably beyond CBD hemp, as well as other tobacco substitutes. Available Swiss CBD Cannabis products in the country include Swiss CBD oils, drops, as well as capsules. However, there are also CBD cosmetics and skincare products. The list goes on with Cannabidiol edibles, food supplements, topicals, vaporizers, and even Cannabidiol cigarettes. With such a wide selection, there is something for everybody’s needs available.  

Wide Range of Medical Benefits

CBD and Hemp products are alternative medications to many conditions. From treating pain, headaches, lack of sleep, anxiety to promoting heart health and skin health, CBD and hemp products are really in high demand. Such benefits have made the demand for CBD and Hemp products rise thereby boosting sales and making the business boom every day. More people are turning to alternative treatments and medications.

The Power of Online Shopping

There are online CBD Hemp stores where people can just order the products they want. Some shops even offer personal advice as to which product is best suited for the customers’ needs. The products are then delivered to their address. Such convenience also plays its part in the CBD boom.


Switzerland is a place where CBD and hemp oils are in high demand and can be legally obtained and used. The boom in CBD products is also due to the benefits attached to the use of CBD and the fact that CBD has no side effects.