Healthy-Finds Feeds their Local Community by Donating Healthier Food Options to those in need

Healthy-Finds, a company that connects holistic brands to health-conscious consumers, continued its mission in 2020 to support those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Along with introducing their customers to over 50 health-conscious businesses by offering free products, the team at Healthy-Finds donated over $75k worth of healthy food and funding to local charities last year.

Healthy-Finds believes that in a perfect world shoppers would have access to healthy product choices at affordable prices, everywhere they went. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case. It’s often difficult for the everyday person to find healthier product options without breaking the bank. That means people relying on food pantries for their next meal have even more limited menu choices. While so many people want to eat healthier and fuel their bodies with nutritious foods, access to such is a monumental barrier.

Healthy-Finds CEO, Peter Meyer, said, “It’s critical that we do our part to offer easier access to healthy foods and other products to our customers and those struggling to put food on the table.” He went on to note that, “Our partnerships with local charities, such as Cherry Hill Food Pantry, remind us why it’s so important to keep spreading the message about creating a healthier lifestyle.”

During a year full of uncertainty and extra-long lines at food pantries worldwide, Healthy-Finds’ donation of $73,770 in food made them a welcome partner to the Cherry Hill, NJ based charity, Cherry Hill Food Pantry. Their Executive Director, Janet Giordano, said Healthy-Finds was a major part of their organization being able to feed 6,662 adults, 3,549 children, and 2,020 seniors last year. “Cherry Hill Food Pantry needs more partners like Healthy Finds,” Giordano mentioned. Her organization distributed 946,293 pounds of food to the local community in 2020.

During one of their many trips, Healthy-Finds dropped off 1,600 pounds of healthy cereal, breakfast bars, and snacks to Cherry Hill Food Pantry. Meyer said, “We pride ourselves on being able to donate healthier options. If we can help someone start their day with nourishing breakfast foods that provide sustainable energy, we’ve fed those in our community in a way that makes them feel good both mentally and physically.” For many, it’s the only healthy meal they’ll have all day.  

In addition to their partnership with Cherry Hill Food Pantry, Healthy-Finds also donated food to other non-profit organizations in New Jersey, again offering healthy options to those they serve. Prayer Works Evangelism in Voorhees, Word Life Center in Stratford and a local resident benefitted from over $1k in food donations last year.

Healthy-Finds plans to continue doing its part to serve its local community by donating healthy foods to organizations like those previously mentioned. They are also committed to sending a portion of their new member sign-up fee to Feeding America. When new customers come aboard as a Healthy-Finds member they already receive free healthy products, gift cards to spend on other health-focused brands, and a complimentary one-month membership to Healthy-Finds. Now, customers can feel like they’re a part of decreasing hunger as well. For every new Healthy-Finds membership, the company will also donate one free meal to a family in need, via Feeding America.

Healthy-Finds donates $75k in nutritious foods and funding in 2020

“Healthy-Finds was a major part of our organization being able to feed 6,662 adults, 3,549 children, and 2,020 seniors last year. We need more partners like them.” 

– Janet Giordano, Cherry Hill Food Pantry Executive Director

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