Momentum Ventures’ CEO Matt Keezer Believes Good Perks Attract Great Talent

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Bringing the right employees on board is critical for young businesses. To get the right people you need to do your part to attract them. One way to do this is to build a reputation as a company that takes care of its employees. One Montreal, Quebec company called Momentum Ventures has introduced some new incentives that are truly unique in the industry and has its employees considering greener choices.

Momentum Ventures has been in business since 2007. Over the last eight years Momentum Ventures has a perfect record of building winning businesses, launching seven ventures over its lifespan. Momentum Ventures’ flagship brand, FlightHub, banks over $1.5 billion in annual sales, employs over 400 people worldwide, and serves over one million Canadians a year. With Momentum Ventures’ rebrand and the pending launch of its next business, a Priceline and Expedia challenger called Alio, Momentum Ventures has been ramping up its, and its subsidiaries, hiring processes over the last few months. This has grown the need to enhance their employee incentive packages.

One such incentive that is making waves at their Montreal office is Momentum Ventures’ electric car subsidy. This perk allows employees to have their car lease payments 50% covered when they choose to purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle. This incentive has a lot of employees thinking long and hard about making the switch according to CEO Matt Keezer, adding “cost is a prohibitive factor for some when considering electric vehicles, so we decided to make it easier for our employees to consider environmentally friendly electric vehicles.”

In addition to offering savings on electric vehicles, Momentum Ventures also offers other transit subsidies. This includes rebates on public transit and bike rental services like Bixi. These two perks are among the most popular at Momentum Ventures with many employees choosing to take advantage of subsidized mass transit.

You need high quality staff for a businesses to grow. One way to ensure a business brings on high quality staff is to have competitive hiring packages in place that include modern and in-demand perks. Having these kinds of incentives in place may come at a cost for employers, but the benefits of finding the right employees will effect more than just your bottom line.

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