Gifts that can Double up as Investments

It is always nice to buy someone a gift, especially if it is something they can use and benefit from in the future. Somehow giving this kind of present feels more satisfying than giving them something they can use and enjoy only once, for example, a bottle of wine. If you are looking for a gift that will keep on giving consider these investment-related present ideas.

Gifts that are made from gold or other precious metals


The value of gold, silver and platinum can become more valuable further down the line. Although they can be expensive to buy initially, they should last a long time and be of the highest quality (if you’re wanting to save money to purchase the gift, see this handy calculator to help you along the way). So, the gift of a nice gold bangle has the potential to still be worth a lot of money years after you have bought them. 

At a later date, if the person you are giving them to finds themselves in need of money they can sell them. Or, better still; pawn them to generate a little cash to carry them through a short-term financial crisis. They can do the same with jewellery that is made from precious or semi-precious stones.


In most countries, you can buy bonds and give them to someone else. But, you need to be careful about what type you buy. Some are underwritten by the government. So, the chances of them losing their value are very low indeed. Often, you can buy bonds that offer a guaranteed rate of interest, at least for a few years. So, bonds can enable you to give someone something valuable that will generate a little bit of an income for them.

Open a savings account

Another idea is to open a savings account for them. You do not necessarily have to put a lot of money into it. This makes a particularly good gift for a child or young adult. It is a great way to encourage them to save.

Educational courses and more

If you have a friend or relative that is studying so they can land a better job, supporting them is something that they are sure to appreciate. You can do so in many different ways. For example, pay some of their course fees, give them a voucher for books or contribute to the cost of a tutor.


People enjoy collecting all kinds of things. Some of the items they like to own have the potential to grow in value. But, working out which collectables will rise in value is tricky. 

So, when choosing this type of gift make sure that you buy them something you know they will like. That way, if it does not rise in value they will still have been able to enjoy owning and using that item.

Several of the above gifts are particularly good for young adults. Giving them something that has the potential to hold its value and hopefully become more valuable is an especially good idea. Potentially, when they need a deposit for their first home, they can turn your gift into cash they can use. 

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