Top 10 Fun Spotify Websites To Analyze Your Music

We’ve all heard of these ostensibly Spotify websites that analyze your listening patterns and provide statistics on it.

By checking in with your Spotify account, you grant them access to things like the recently played material, who you follow on Spotify, your favourite musicians, and so on.

Top 10 Fun Spotify Websites To Analyze Your Music

Since the original edition of Spotify Wrapped, these websites have taken over the internet.

There are several advantages to learning about your personal music listening habits!

Learning From The Blog 

Understanding the music you naturally enjoy and listen to the most provides some extremely intriguing insights that can help create your fresh music-searching trip.

Websites like the ones we’ll discuss are a fun way to discover new music similar to the ones you currently like.

These are the greatest Spotify websites for learning about your musical likes. 

Why Use Such Fun Websites For Spotify?

These are straightforward, amusing websites. What were your top streams/orders this month, last six months, or all-time favorites? These websites give such insights at no cost.

Moreover, they ask whether you humorously listen to your favorite musicians or make fun of your choices in the worst-case scenario. 

You will never win against the artificial intelligence that assesses you. You’ll simply have to deal with it. But Spotify becomes a lot more fun when added with such awesome gimmicks.

How Accurate Are These Fun Spotify Websites

Spotify statistics websites are reliable because they rely on your data to build the statistics.

However, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Some websites use various algorithms to calculate statistics. Thus, there may be minor differences.
  • For example, one site may claim you’re a fan if you’ve listened to an artist X amount of times, yet another site may say you’re only a fan if you’ve listened to them Z number of days in a row.
  • Furthermore, some websites integrate data from other Spotify users in their computations, whilst others might use your personal information.

Top 10 Fun Spotify Websites To Analyze Your Music 

1. Judge My Spotify 

Judge My Spotify 

The developers of this website define it as a “satirical project,” and they make it plain that it does not employ genuine artificial intelligence but rather a “faux pretentious music-loving AI.”

It works by using the information that Spotify gives them to produce jokes about your music preferences. In other words, it mocks you!

What Makes It Fun? 

The insights in the album, genre, artist, and track data from Spotify’s most played songs are presented to you in a satirical, incredibly true and relevant manner.

This project does not keep any Spotify data, which is a significant bonus given the importance of internet privacy nowadays.

2. Obscurity


Now look at this one! It is one of a kind; none of the other websites are like it.

It shows you all there is to know about your listening habits. It also displays your top genres. You will receive genres you had no idea existed. 

What Makes It Fun? 

Your “Obscurity Rating” is another item it displays. Your obscurity rating tells you how your music compares to others in the nation of your choice. 

You can choose from nations ranging from the United States to India or Finland.

So, is your music more well-known or obscure?

The higher the obscure grade, the less you listen to “popular” music.

3. Stats For Spotify 

Stats for Spotify

If you want to know your favorite songs and singers, this website is for you.

What Makes It Fun? 

When you select Top Tracks or Top Artists, you’ll get a list of your most played tracks or artists, from most to least, and what you’ve recently played.

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4. Music Taste Space 

Music Taste Space 

Have you ever wished to compare your Spotify music preferences to your friends? 

This website (Music Taste Space) allows you to accomplish all of that and much more.

What Makes It Fun? 

It allows you to compare your musical interests to those of strangers rather than simply your pals.

The website analyzes acoustic parameters, happiness, vitality, and danceability to the average in the United States.

To give you an idea, my songs were 4% more popular than the national average for happiness.

You can also discover your favorite genres, artists, and tracks.

5. Run BPM


Run BPM is another Spotify service that allows you to create a playlist and filter through the tunes.

You must choose the amount of energy, happiness, danceability, and BPM range you desire in the music.

Then you click the ‘save playlist’ button, and it creates a new playlist with songs that match the filters.

6. Discover Quickly 

Discover Quickly

This could become your favorite website on the list if you are always seeking new music.

You will enjoy creating new Spotify playlists as well as adjusting existing ones!

Although time-consuming, you will have fun deciding among the vast choices. 

What Makes It Fun? 

Discover Quickly lets you hear the greatest sections of the music you’re listening to.

Simply select the playlist you wish to hear, and the finest section of that song will begin playing as you hover over the album cover.

7. Dubolt 


Dubolt is a website for those looking for new artists and tunes.

Connecting the website to your Spotify account displays the artists you’ve recently listened to.

What Makes It Fun? 

Depending on the setup, there might be tracks. You can select just one tune or artist or several.

The website then produces new tunes depending on what you choose.

If you want to be even more exact, there are sliders on the right-hand side where you can choose a more relaxed music, a slower song, or a more danceable tune.

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8. Skiley 


Skiley allows you to browse the lyrics for the song that is now playing, watch the music video, and read user comments and thoughts on the song if you are interested in how others feel about it.

This is quite beneficial because discovering new music lets you see how others feel about it.

What Makes It Fun? 

It also displays your favorite artists, tracks, and genres that can easily become a guitar cover. 

9. Iceberg Gify 


Iceberg Gify is a website that will rank all the musicians you’ve ever listened to.

The ranking is determined by how popular or mainstream they are.

For example, a Bad Bunny or Justin Bieber will appear at the tip of the iceberg.

If, on the other hand, you like to listen to local musicians or persons with a smaller fan base, these will be listed lower in the iceberg.

10. Song Sliders


SongSliders assists you in discovering new songs and playlists to like!

What Makes It Fun? 

These tracks and playlists are produced once you complete the Slide List and express what you want from the music. You can select danceability, energy, popularity, and many other factors.

The website then displays music and playlists that they believe you will love.

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So, that is all for now!! We have covered all the necessary fun websites for Spotify to analyze your music. All you need to do is log in and explore independently!!

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