Finding Time for Family when Starting a New Business

A battle that most of us face when starting a new business is the balance between work and personal. Often one of the main reasons we become motivated and invested in the success of our business in the first place is so we can provide for our families. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to be consumed by the needs of a successful business. You end up sacrificing relationships with your family in order to spend time building their livelihood.

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Finding time for family is important. Your kids need their parents. Your spouse needs their partner. Even your elderly relatives in nursing homes need your time, especially with the rise in nursing home fraud.

Here are some tips for getting the balance right:

Use your family as motivation

When you are procrastinating at work, think of the time you will be sacrificing with your kids and partner. Studies have shown that using cues like this can rewire your brain. By using time with your family as a reward, you can essentially create healthy habits away from work.

Nurture your foundations

For most of us, we can only do what we do thanks to the support of our spouses. It is especially important then to keep your relationships with your partner as healthy as possible. Take time to appreciate them, and make sure the time you spend together is more than just work talk and complaints. If your office is close to home and your partner is free, take the time to go home for lunch. Trust me on this one; a happy, healthy relationship with your partner is a cornerstone to any successful entrepreneur.

Work while your family are sleeping

It is unrealistic to say you won’t bring work home, and unfortunately for most of us, our workload won’t allow that kind of commitment. You can, however, aim to only work whilst your kids are asleep. Sacrificing a bit of sleep is much more appealing then sacrificing time with them.

Put trust in others

One of the hardest things to learn as a business owner is when to delegate. Learning to trust people to do the job you want them to is vital. If you are a good leader and employ good people, you should be able to spend a lot more time growing the company, and less time micromanaging.

When hiring people, make sure you choose candidates who represent your beliefs and show a strong affinity to independence. This means that when you are not around, you can trust they will act how you want them to.

Look after your health

To keep up with a demanding lifestyle, like running a business and looking after your kids, you will need to make sure your health is on point. A good diet and regular exercise will mean that when you come home from a hard day at work, you still have the energy to take your kids to the park or spend time with your partner.

Hopefully, by following these tips you should be able to find the right balance. Remember what is important in life and the reason you started the business.

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