My Favorite Chrome Add-ons and Extensions For Bloggers and Businesses

Chrome ExtensionsI pretty much use my own personal laptop for everything–blogging, freelancing, and work, since I now work in a co-working space so I bring my own laptop.  Therefore, having a browser that makes for super easy Internet surfing, blog and news source reading and social media sharing is ideal, which is why I love the Chrome browser so much. One of my favorite jokes is that Internet Explorer is the #1 browser for downloading Internet browsers.

One of the main reasons I love Chrome is it allows you to sign into your gmail account  for easy access to your bookmarks, even when your on the go via the Chrome app. The other reason is because of all the great ad-ons it comes with. Here’s some of my favorites:


If you have no other Chrome (or Firefox) add-0n, you should have Adblock. It blocks all of those pesky ads that exist out there on the Internet these days. The occasional website will make you disable Adblock (such as a video player for a TV show such as Hulu) but it’s easy to turn on and off, even if it’s just to check to make sure your own ads are functioning properly.

Bloglovin Notifier

Bloglovin is my current RSS reader for reading blogs and smaller, niche websites. I love that extension has a little notification bubble that pops up when there are new blogs for me to read, but it doesn’t disturb my normal web surfing or working at all.


Easily share any page, article, or website to any social media account (including multiples of each type of account) that you have saved to Hootsuite. Not only can you easily share other people’s articles and sites, but this can be an easy reminder to be sharing your own stuff.


Pinterest is about the only social media platform (besides Tumblr) that isn’t included in Hootsuite’s package. I often use this extension to add my own posts to Pinterest as well as other things (primarily recipes and hair tips–occasionally I can be a total girly girl). It’s especially worthy of a download because I find Pinterest to be one of the hardest to remember to upload my posts too.


Up until this point I’ve mostly focused on sharing. Pocket (formerly Read it Later) does just what it’s old name is–saves articles for you to read later. I like this because there’s a great mobile app too that will connect with the extension to allow to you read articles on the go as well as save things you find via Twitter from your phone to read later on the computer (at least my Twitter app, TweetBot, allows me to quickly send things to Pocket, I’m not sure about others).

Hey Girl

Okay, this last one’s silly. But who wouldn’t want the opportunity to replace every image on a website with Ryan Gosling’s handsome face? I especially like using it on a rough day or if my Facebook friends are being particularly annoying that day.

What are your favorite Chrome or Firefox extensions? 

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