Never Fail to Remember Where You Came From and Never Forget Where You Want to Go: Ammar Jali’s Road to Success

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A lot of people tend to forget where they came from once they have stepped into the ladder and has achieved success. This often becomes the problem as people forget who they are and become a different person from what their values dictate them to be. A good example of this can be seen with corporate workers who strive hard to find happiness but in the end, finds frustrations when they reach the top because they never find contentment and personal happiness.

Ammar Jali defied the conventional path of people striving hard to achieve something great out of their professional life by looking back to where he once started. Starting his employment as a fast food chain driver when he was still studying in NYIT, Ammar became a successful engineer at the heights of his professional career even working with industry giants like Disney.

He left his corporate life and after six months started working as an Assistant Manager for the first company he started working for. Domino’s Pizza became his second home which proved to be a great feat on its own. He worked his way to the top becoming a leading stakeholder with 13 franchise stores in and around New York.

What makes him a great leader is his attitude towards his employees and the people around him. Looking back at his choices can give you a glimpse of what his point of view and approach to life is about.

Attitude forms a bigger part of any person’s success. The attitude you show towards the people you work for and those you work with creates a ripple that can bring either success or failure. Ammar’s most important assets are his employees. When interviewed by an exclusive entrepreneur site he tells that, “Your team members don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This insight from Ammar holds true for every industry and every person who wants to achieve success.

His strong commitment towards living a fulfilling life does not end where his stakes lay. Ammar Jali is also actively involved with organizations that ease the burden of other people’s lives. In the recent months, he has closely worked with organizations such as the Darrin Walls Foundation whose nonprofit causes are aimed towards the disadvantaged children and at-risk teens. Providing an exclusive partnership with the organization, Domino’s Pizza in Pittsburgh became part of the ever-growing commitment to make these children’s lives better.

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