Fahad Al Rajaan: A Brief Biography

Fahad Al Rajaan is an accomplished Kuwaiti businessman with extensive experience of the finance and investment sectors.

Born in Kuwait on 23rd December 1948, Fahad Al Rajaan received the appointment of PIFSS (Public Institution for Social Security) Director General from the Kuwaiti Government in 1984. He also oversaw operations for Wafra Investment Advisory Group, serving as Chairman from 1985, as well as serving as Ahli United Bank’s Chairman from 2000 until 2015.


Mr Al Rajaan commenced his highly successful career working for the Kuwait Investment Company as a Manager after graduating university. The Kuwait Investment Company helped develop the Kuwaiti economy, setting industry standards for responsible and profitable investment in the nation since 1961.

In 1981, Mr Al Rajaan went to work for the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium, serving as the organisation’s Managing Director and Chairman. The Consortium manages a comprehensive investment portfolio, overseeing ventures for corporate and private companies, as well as funding new business start-ups.

Mr Al Rajaan was selected by the Kuwaiti Government to serve as PIFSS Director General in 1984. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing the Kuwaiti social security system.

The PIFSS was established in 1977 by the Kuwaiti Government. Its ultimate mission is to ensure that profits derived from Kuwaiti natural resources enhance the lives of all Kuwaiti citizens.

The PIFSS iFahad Al Rajaan: A Brief Biography

s responsible for managing and implementing Kuwait’s state pension scheme. Because of its unique structure, the PIFSS is able to provide improved investment liquidity and more security to policy holders, thereby providing all of Kuwait’s citizens with enhanced pension provisions.

In 1992, Mr Al Rajaan received the appointment of Company Director of Ahli United Bank. It was in this role that he oversaw operations of Bahrain’s biggest lender by market, which became a 100% state-owned organisation in 1971. Ahli United Bank specialises in commercial banking and investment advisory services for corporate clients, offering specialist wealth management, offshore, private banking, and treasury services to select clientele.

Mr Al Rajaan attended Washington D.C.’s American University, graduating with a Business Administration degree in 1974.

Fahad Al Rajaan is an accomplished golfer. In 2013, he became the Dubai Duty Free Cup champion, beating four previous winners to the number one spot.

Mr Al Rajaan is married, with two sons and two daughters. He ranks amongst the world’s top 500 most influential Arabs worldwide.

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