Eyelash Business Names: 400+ Unique & Creative Lash Names

It is not surprising that the lash industry is reaching new heights each day. By 2025, it is estimated that the Eyelash business will be worth $1.6 Billion. It is going to be an important part of the beauty industry. Are you planning to start your own lash business and looking for lash business names? We have just the right names for your lash business. Business name is an essential part of the brand you are building. 

Lash businesses are many but one factor that makes your business unique is the name of your lash business. It has to relate to the target audience and should showcase your vision for the brand. If you already have a business and are looking for exotic names for lashes, you are at the right place. We have various names for you that you can pick from or take inspiration from. 

Lash business is a lucrative business and building one yourself will bring a lot of success and recognition. A lot of women these days choose lash extensions to enhance their natural lashes. If you are a person who uses lashes, you know how it can elevate your whole look with a dense set of faux eyelashes. 

The name of your eyelash business is the first thing that your potential customers will see. It is the first impression that is always important so why settle for a mediocre name? Find some of the most unique and creative names here. It cannot be a generic name that is boring and dull but rather a catchy name that people will remember. It will also help in building a unique identity. With so many competitors it can be a daunting task to come up with unique lash company names. But we’ve got you covered, save yourself the trouble, and find 400+ unique and creative eyelash business names that will be good for your business. 

400+ Eyelash Business Names Ideas


There are many catchy exotic names for lashes and lash businesses today that you can choose from for your business. Read along to find some of the best ones out there. 

Lash Company Names

To make sure that you are reaching your potential clientele, you need to get exotic names for your lashes business. To find out what is trending or to take some inspiration check out what names the trending eyelash businesses have. This will tell you if your brand name is up to date and stands out or is outdated and will be lost in the crowd. Many eyelash businesses use descriptive words related to eyelashes like full, dark, glamorous, and many more. 

Here are some lash company names for you

  • Classy Lash 
  • All About Lashes 
  • Butterfly Lashes 
  • Bling Bling Lashes 
  • Eye Candy Lashes 
  • Eyelash Love 
  • Eye Pop Lashes 
  • Excellent Lashes 
  • La Lashes 
  • Bow-Wow Lashes 
  • Lash Dolls 
  • Hot Lashes 
  • Flashy Lashes 
  • House of Lash 
  • Genuine Lashes 
  • Iconic Lashes 
  • Mystery Eyes 
  • Lash Express 
  • Lash Lovers 
  • Flashy Lashes 
  • Eyelash 
  • Lash Extend 
  • Posh Lash 
  • Naughty Lashes 
  • Live Love Lash 
  • Jazzy Lashes 
  • Lash Love 
  • The Distinct Look 
  • Lashes Lounge 
  • Middle Eastern Eyes 
  • Lash Station 
  • A1 Eyelashes 
  • Love Lashes 
  • Lashes for Life 
  • Lashes Galore 
  • Revive Eyelashes 
  • Regrowth Eyelashes 
  • Fix Your Lashes 
  • TRUE Eyelashes 
  • Stella Eyelashes 
  • Eyelash Emporium 
  • Eyelash Queen 
  • Eyelasher 
  • Jasmine Eyelashes 
  • Eyelashes and Me 
  • Eyelash Nest 

Mink Lash Names

Mink Lash

If you are looking for eyelash name ideas, here are some catchy mink lash name ideas for you. Mink lashes are created from mink fur. The highly sought-after product is the American Mink fur because of its softness. This fur is considered to be highly luxurious and traditionally fur coats were made with this. 

Here are some strip lash names for you

  • Mink Dahlia 
  • Mink Plumbing 
  • Mink Illusion 
  • Mink Pink 
  • Elite Lash 
  • Lashes of Luxury 
  • Haute House Lash 
  • Think Mink 
  • Lashes 4 You 
  • Lindy’s Lashes 
  • Loved by Lashes
  • Mink Plump 
  • Lavender Lashes 
  • Sparkle Lashes 
  • Angel Lashes 
  • Lovely Lashes 
  • Pamper Mink 
  • The Lash Spa 
  • Lash Promise 
  • Lash Studio 
  • Mink Blended 
  • Lash Mash 
  • Lash Prima 
  • Flutter Ways 
  • Lash L’Amour 
  • Flawless Looks 
  • Celebrity Lash 
  • Hollywood Lashes 
  • Eyeconic Lashes 
  • Irresistible Lashing 
  • She Minks 
  • Sexy Wink 
  • Sinful Lashes 
  • Urban Butterfly 
  • Luxe Lash Studio 
  • Magic Lashes 
  • Long-Lasting Lashes 
  • Magic Lashes 
  • Lashes De Bella 

Lash And Brow Business Names

Lash and Brow Business names have to stand out and spell out your unique qualities. Lash and Brow business is a growing industry and is increasing in sales per year by 15%. It is worth considering a good name for your business as it is the name people will identify with. 

Here are some lash and brow business names worth considering. 

  • Lash Fountain 
  • Brow Trend 
  • And Ravish 
  • Lash Vital 
  • And Lifted 
  • Lash Diva 
  • Allure Lash Lounge 
  • Blink 
  • Eyelusion 
  • Eyelash Lab 
  • Glam Lash 
  • Got Lash 
  • Forgive me Lash 
  • I do Lashes 
  • Jazz Lashes 
  • Brow Enhanced 
  • Brow Behold 
  • Broe Defy 
  • Brow Major 
  • Kissable Brow 
  • Brow Queen 
  • Browzer 
  • Brow- wow 
  • Brow Onyx 
  • Brow Code 
  • Lash Pursuit 
  • Lash Funk 
  • Lash and Brows Corner 
  • Lashed Out 
  • Brow Now 
  • Lash Liquid 
  • Lash Honey 
  • Brow Mania 
  • Lash Punk 
  • Brow Cardinal 
  • Lash Absolute 
  • Feel the Heal 
  • Dash of Lash 
  • Anastasia Lashes 
  • G-Lash 
  • Savage Eyes 
  • Lash-o-holic 
  • Brow-Shear 
  • Brow Polished 
  • Browkun 
  • Vanity Brows 
  • Lash Bite 
  • Brow Exalted 
  • Brow Maker 
  • Lashified 
  • Lush Lash 

Eyelash Brand Names

Eyelash brand names have to be unique and the one that sparks curiosity. An attractive name will draw customers towards your lash business and will bring home business along with profits. Eyelash brand names can get confusing and difficult to choose. Here are some fun eyelash brand names that you can take inspiration from and make it your own. 

  • Eyelash Assist 
  • iLash 
  • Kiss my Lash 
  • Lash me 
  • Eye Candy 
  • Art and Lashes 
  • Lash Queens 
  • Lash in a Flash 
  • Flashy Lashes 
  • Hot Lash 
  • Chic Lashes 
  • Iconic Lash Co. 
  • Lashfully 
  • Lashy Lash 
  • Lash Brow + Beauty 
  • Luv a Lash 
  • Savage Lash 
  • Skyn Studio 
  • Eyelash Gentle 
  • Lash Room 
  • Eyelash Dame 
  • Lash Point 
  • Extend Lashes 
  • Lush Lash 
  • Enrich Eyelashes 
  • Vicious Lashes 
  • Uptown Girl 
  • Wink Wink Lashes 
  • LashXtend 
  • Jazz Lashes 
  • Lash War 
  • Glad Lash 
  • Lash Island 
  • Lash Dip 
  • Ohh Lashes 
  • Oh La Lashes 
  • Whiplash 
  • Posh Lashes 
  • Define Lashes 
  • Divined Lashes 
  • Feather Touch 
  • Bomb Lashes 
  • Slash Lash 
  • Lash Crash 
  • Eyelash Estate 
  • Eyelash Drive 
  • Eyelash Den 
  • Lash World 
  • Victory Eyelash
  • Kuality Lashes 

Lash Business Name Ideas

Lash names are plenty and so are Lash business name ideas. The lash business can be set up anywhere and you can even take your company anywhere you go. Lash businesses provide other services like micro-needling for the brows, eyelash extensions, faux eyelashes, and much more. A lash business name will give you the chance to say what you are passionate about and how much. If you are setting up a lash business in your apartment or going to people’s houses to do their eyelashes, you still need a good business name for your lash business. 

Here are fun lash business name ideas for you. 

  • Lash Mind 
  • Lash Enchantress 
  • Lash Elf 
  • Business Polished 
  • Lash Managed 
  • LashDaisy 
  • Lash Unique 
  • Lashify 
  • Lash Power 
  • Lash Crusader 
  • Lash Direct 
  • Lash Citadel 
  • Illuminating Lashes 
  • Business Evolve Lash 
  • Lash Purple 
  • Lash Built 
  • Crystal Eyelashes 
  • Lash Joy 
  • Louvre Lashes 
  • Optimize Lashes 
  • Lash o’ clock 
  • Lash Owl 
  • Jade Lashes 
  • Sweet Lashes 
  • Lashfully 
  • Twin Lashes 
  • Glam’d 
  • Cleopatra Lashes 
  • Theo’s Lashes 
  • Rage Eyelash Co.
  • Unicorn Lashes 
  • The Lash Company 
  • Runway Lashes 
  • La La Lashes 
  • The Lash Therapy 
  • Lash Goddess 
  • Lash But Not Least 
  • Heart Lashes 
  • Lash Long 
  • Chic Eyelashes 
  • Flutter Lashes 
  • Destiny Lashes 

Exotic Names For Lashes Business

Exotic Names for lashes businesses will attract a lot of clients to take up your services. Exoctic names have a different vibe to them that everybody loves. It makes one feel light and relaxed. It makes for a great conversation starter. Exotic business names make customers curious and they will try to find out more about your business. 

Here are some exotic names for lash business that you can use or take inspiration from. 

  • Lashorama 
  • Bella Lash Brow 
  • The Lash Clinic 
  • Dramaties 
  • Novalash 
  • Beaute Falsies 
  • Lash Magnifique 
  • Diamante Lashes 
  • BrowBliss 
  • BrowSugar 
  • Tinkle Lashes 
  • Vintage Lash Room 
  • Lashperfecto 
  • Parisian Lashes 
  • Lash Dusk 
  • Mia Lashes 
  • Amoreyes 
  • Lash Wish 
  • Deloitte 
  • Petite Lashes 
  • Eve Lashes 
  • Lamour Lash 
  • Della Lashes 
  • Sweet Magnolia Lash Company 
  • Cherub Lashes 
  • Noir Eyelashes 
  • Firangipani Eyelashes 
  • Bare Care 
  • Regalia Lashes 
  • Nirvana Lash Lounge 
  • Beautilase 
  • Lovewinq 
  • The Magic Touch 
  • Lash Shining 
  • Exotic Lashes 
  • Lust Lash 
  • Lash Clio 
  • Lash Affair 
  • Lash Exception 
  • Exotic Empress 
  • Exotic Expose Lashes 
  • Scarlet Lashes 
  • Lash Astra 
  • Glade Lashes 
  • Exotic Wink 
  • Luminescent Lashes 
  • Dreamy Lashes 

How to Name your lash business? 

1. Get brainstorming

Brainstorm ideas that will work for your business. Look at your competitors and observe their names. Names for lash businesses have to be descriptive and show what you want to do with the brand. Think about your goal and come up with a name. The target audience should be your focus while brainstorming name ideas. It should be relatable yet catchy and professional. Brainstorm ideas that fit your niche and not something that is random. 

2. Sound appealing

A business name for lash business has to sound appealing. A name that is not appealing will not entice the clients to come and try out your services. A good name will give your lash business the necessary exposure and bring in more business. Names that are too complicated and difficult to pronounce will impact negatively on your business. Your business name should be appealing enough to bring clients to try out your services. 

3. Ask for feedback

Once you decide on the business name for your lash company, ask your friends and family or business colleagues for feedback. It is a good practice to ask for feedback so that if the name is not working you can change it. You can also ask your clients for feedback on the name before registering your business. This way you can know exactly what your target audience wants. You can make the required changes once you have constructive feedback. 

4. Check for domain availability

Another important aspect is to check for domain availability. Sometimes we decide on a name that we really like but there is no domain availability for it, as in somebody else has already taken that name. This means you cannot use that name and have to change it. Domain availability is important for online listing and expanding your business. It is best to have a unique and original name instead of a name that is already there in the market. 

5. Check the suggestions from this post

If you are still confused about what name to choose for your lash business, check the suggestions mentioned above and name your business today. Choose a lash business name that suits you the best. 


These were the 400+ Unique and creative lash business names that you can take inspiration from. Choose a name that resonates with your business. Lash business is a creative business so why shouldn’t your name be creative. Choose a creative name and get started. 

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