Explained: Why Is Chat GPT Not Working?

ChatGPT is a sophisticated AI chatbot that is quick to impress, yet many users have pointed out several severe flaws.

There are several worries about the AI-powered chatbot, ranging from security breaches to privacy concerns to the unknown data it was trained on. Yet, the technology is already being implemented into applications and utilized by millions, ranging from students to company employees.

With no signs of AI growth slowing down, the issues with ChatGPT are becoming increasingly critical to comprehend. With ChatGPT poised to transform our future, these are some of the most pressing concerns.

In this post, we’ve covered all the ChatGPT problems and how to resolve them. If ChatGPT isn’t functioning on your device, scroll down and try one of the tried-and-true methods.

Technical Issues 

chatgpt is not working

Error Code 1020 in ChatGPT

  • “Error 1020” is the first and most prevalent ChatGPT error code. “Access is denied.” 
  • This often occurs when ChatGPT detects anything strange about your network or device and, as a result, bans your access. 
  • It might also happen if ChatGPT detects incorrect VPN settings on your device. 
  • ChatGPT imposes specific security measures before allowing you to access its service, and if your device or network fails compliance, Error 1020 is displayed.

Error Code 429 in ChatGPT

  • When you make too many queries to the server in a short period, ChatGPT produces Error 429. 
  • This error indicates that you have surpassed the maximum number of queries in a particular time if you are utilising the OpenAI API to utilise ChatGPT. ChatGPT throws to guarantee equitable usage.

Long Responses Caused by ChatGPT Network Error

As the name implies, network error indicates that you may be experiencing connectivity troubles when visiting ChatGPT. Your device cannot connect to ChatGPT, resulting in the error. 

It might be because of your device’s server, internet, or firewall problems. It may also display a “Network error on long responses” message, which indicates that the connection has timed out while attempting to get a response from ChatGPT.

Natural Language Understanding Limitations

The English language is riddled with ambiguity. We, humans, address these difficulties through the use of linguistic context. We construct context by observing the speaker’s tone, preceding words and sentences, the general environment of the dialogue, and fundamental understanding of the universe. We ask inquiries when our intuitions and knowledge fail us. The process of determining context comes naturally to us. However, articulating the same process calculably is easier said than done.

Deep learning models can only compose article-length text sequences, answer science test questions, write software source code, and provide rudimentary customer support. Most of these domains have advanced due to improved deep learning architectures (LSTMs, transformers) and, more significantly, more extensive neural networks.

Larger deep neural networks, on the other hand, can hardly make incremental advances on individual tasks and do not address the more significant challenge of universal natural language processing. 

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Training Data Limitations

It struggles with fundamental math, can’t manage to answer simple logic problems, and will even argue utterly false facts. People on social media would confirm that ChatGPT can make mistakes in several instances.

ChatGPT sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers. As dubbed, this “hallucination” of fact and fiction is especially harmful regarding medical advice or getting the facts correct on critical historical events.

Unlike other AI helpers like Siri or Alexa, ChatGPT does not use the internet to get answers. Instead, it generates a word-by-word phrase depending on its training, identifying the most likely “token” that should follow next. In other words, ChatGPT gets to an answer by a sequence of guesses, so it may defend incorrect replies as if they were entirely accurate.

While it is excellent at presenting complicated topics, making it a valuable learning tool, it is crucial not to accept all it says. ChatGPT is not always accurate—at least not yet.

Ethical Considerations And Safety Measures

Following the enormously successful introduction of ChatGPT, many people have wondered how OpenAI trained their model in the first place.

Even if OpenAI’s privacy practises have been modified due to the incident with Italian authorities, it may not be enough to fulfil the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European data protection regulation. According to TechCrunch:

Artists argue against training data, claiming they never agreed to their work being used to train an AI model. Simultaneously, Getty Photographs filed a lawsuit against Stability.AI for utilising copyrighted photographs to train its AI models.

Unless and until OpenAI exposes its training data, it is difficult to tell whether it was done legally. For example, we don’t know how ChatGPT is trained, what data was utilised, where the data came from, or what the system’s architecture looks like in detail.

User Interface And Biased Behavior 

Again, OpenAI is aware of the problem and has said it is tackling “biased behaviour” by gathering user input and encouraging people to identify ChatGPT outputs that are inappropriate, insulting, or plain erroneous.

With the potential to hurt people, one may argue that ChatGPT should not have been provided to the public until these issues were investigated and fixed. However, the drive to be the first business to construct the most powerful AI model may have been enough for OpenAI to disregard prudence.

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AI Development Challenges

Implementation restriction  

  • Despite recent advancements, AI implementation is still limited to specific issues. 
  • This highly specialised AI system is designed to do a single job while continuously learning to enhance performance. 
  • The objective of developing an AI system with about the same intelligence as humans to handle broad issues remains a significant challenge for researchers and practitioners. 

Privacy and security of data  

  • Millions contribute or collect the vast data necessary to train the AI system. 
  • This can be sensitive information. As a result of this vulnerability, AI systems may become vulnerable to data breaches and identity theft.

How To Fix ChatGPT Not Working?

Here are a few easy methods you should try first:

  • To run ChatGPT, try a different browser. Try Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge; they are typically compatible with all websites.
  • Check to see whether ChatGPT is accessible in your country. There are still certain areas where it is unavailable, so ChatGPT does not operate for users.
  • We’re seeing very high demand, according to the screen. Please be patient while we strive to scale our systems; it may take some time for ChatGPT to be operational again. The chatbot has become a popular tool, with considerable traffic globally. So you might want to give it another shot after a few hours.


That’s all! If ChatGPT is not working, you can solve it with these solutions. However, if it is a network or speed issue, learn how to enhance Internet speed quickly.

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