Experiential Marketing for 2024 – Sampling and Wildposting For Covid Proof Street Level Marketing

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Employees and employers in all sectors have been driven to think out of the box-like never before in the past year. As marketers, we are continuously looking for novel solutions and intriguing crazy ideas. To stand out in a world of high creativity and competition, we had to broaden our thinking to new levels of inventiveness and pivot our marketing techniques.

Experiential marketing had existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was reimagined by marketers all around the world to meet this new socially disconnected environment. We’ll go over exactly what experiential marketing is in this blog post, as well as how your company can make it your new go-to approach for 2024

What is experiential marketing?

When a team of professional street-level marketers develops an experience that leaves a lasting effect on the audience, this is known as experiential marketing. These events or experiences may require a significant time and financial investment, but the payoff is greater brand recognition and revenue.

An effective experiential marketing campaign is one that literally “runs into” the customer. Your brand and experience don’t only blend in with the consumer’s daily routine but also stand out enough to make them stop and pay attention. 

So, which effective experiential marketing campaign you must opt for to boost your business visibility? Is this million-dollar question touring your mind right now? The answer is pretty simple! Sampling and Wildposting!

Sampling and wildposting have even proved to be the COVID-proof experimental or street-level marketing. Curious to know how these are COVID proof and how they can help you boost your business visibility. Let’s find out. 

What are the reasons why sampling and wild posting for street-level marketing is COVID proof?

There are a variety of reasons why these marketing methods are safe and COVID-proof. The most important factor is the measures that these marketing organizations’ expert teams adhere to

  • For effective marketing, the teams wear PPE kits.
  • They use tools to support social distancing sampling and consumer connection.
  • All employees should be provided with a cleaning kit as well as health and safety training.
  • Staff temperature monitoring is done before each shift and rapid isolation is arranged if any symptoms appear. 

While street-level marketers are continuously looking for methods to expand the reach of their campaigns, they have had to relocate some of their roaming sampling stations in high streets to avoid crowding public spaces. Flexible scheduling, which entails relocating sampling teams to alternate places if an area is subject to lockdown measures at short notice, was also introduced by professional street-level marketing organizations. 

So, to run marketing campaigns effectively under the COVID-19 situation, it is suggested to hire the best experiential San Diego marketing companies that ensures you’re not investing at the wrong time with the wrong approach. 

Experiential marketing: Sampling & Widlposting for 2024 – Hit or Miss?

An absolute hit. Let’s explore why seeing the ultimate benefits of sampling and widlposting.

  • As wildpostings are normally at eye level for pedestrians and cyclists, your advertisement and marketing products are more likely to be noticed, whether pandemic or not. 
  • Consumer follow-up was higher with wildpostings than with newspaper or print ads, according to reports.
  • Renting wall space is usually simple and hassle-free, and you may do it with almost any business. However, if you want to launch a large-scale wildposting campaign, hiring an advertising agency would be your best decision.
  • Making a statement through wildposting is a terrific way to do so. Wildposting is far less expensive than other types of advertising because it is created with nothing more than paper posters, but it still reaches a large enough audience. 

Wrapping Remarks:

Experiential Marketing for 2024 is surely going to be the best way to market your business. No matter, your business is small or big scale, if you opt for experiential marketing then you can reach a wider audience in less time as well as get COVID-proof results.  

For more informative posts on marketing, stay tuned. 

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