Everything You Need to Know About Online Poker

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When the phrase online porker is mentioned, what comes to the mind for any beginner is a skillful and advanced game that only deep-pocketed individuals have an opportunity to play. Of course, playing poker requires skills, experience, and luck. However, skill and luck play an important role in winning.

You should start playing free poker games before risking real money. Also, consider playing small-stakes games before moving to high-stakes games. But to succeed in playing online poker games, you’ll need a tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop computer. But before you start playing the game, there is a steep learning curve you must pursue.

Notice that according to SFGate, the number of poker players has recently increased tremendously.  Currently, there are over 100 million players around the world who play the game daily. This is attributed to advanced technology and high-speed internet connectivity.  Read on to learn more about online poker.

History of Poker

The game of poker was introduced between 1830 and 1845. A draw was introduced to make the game pleasurable. In 1864, rotation or a combination of straight sequences was introduced to boost the game. Later, additional rules, including flush and straight combinations, were introduced to make the game thrilling.

The Game of Poker

The introduction of straight flushes made playing poker exciting. While playing poker, players can conceal the cards fully or partially and make their bets into the pot. Any player with the best card combination wins the game. Typically, one of the players puts cash into the pot before the cards can be shuffled and dealt with while facing down.

For many years, poker was played in smoky rooms in bars and casinos. However, this changed in the 2000s after accountants in Tennessee took advantage of the internet to elevate the game to primetime.

What is Online Poker?

Online poker game thus refers to an advanced version of the traditional card game initially played in smoky rooms and tables. Plenty of online poker sites offer different variations of the game thus, gives players a chance to choose the stakes to wager. Note that online poker is faster and less risky since it allows the player to wager even the smallest amount possible. Also, the game is accessible to anyone at any time.

Online poker does not give a player a chance to look at the face of the competitor. However, it is possible to figure out when the opponent is bluffing. Initially, the game was played in chat rooms for recreational purposes. But this changed when technological advancement brought about secure online poker sites that safely hold the player’s money to allow them to wager against each other.

In 2003, Chris Money-maker won the world poker tournament series and made $2.5million. It is the win that revolutionized the online poker game. The game was then showcased on ESPN, which later opened the door allowing the players to flock online and play the game.


Online poker is becoming popular because it is thrilling and full of fun. It is an intellectual game that requires the use of high-level skills. Thus, it differs greatly from slots and lotteries that rely purely on chance. Also, you can play the game anytime. Besides, it is easier to get started, and the player has an opportunity to play and win real money, irrespective of how small the stakes are.

Getting Started

You don’t need much to get started in playing online poker games. You can play the game on a computer or a smartphone. Also, poker is less taxing to computer memory and can be played even on a 2000s device. In addition, there are smartphone apps that you can download to allow you to play the game on the go.

Playing The Game

Before you play the game on any of the devices, you must first start by downloading the poker software and download your favourite game online. You will then need to install the game and create an account. However, there are checks you must pass before you can be allowed to play the game. Once you pass the checks, you may deposit money in your account and get started.

Final Thoughts

Playing poker is not a walk in the park. Thus, if you are a beginner, there are free online resources to help you succeed in playing poker. Besides, there are hundreds of online poker strategies you can rely on to get started. The best approach is to begin by playing free online poker games before risking real money. Also, you may need to spare some time to learn how to enhance your chances of winning before risking more money. 

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