European Start-Ups most likely to IPO next

The idea of starting a business and growing it is not one that has been welcomed this year. Many people have lost their livelihoods around the world due to current health trends and so are attempting to find something new to tide them over. However, despite the issues, there are some excellent new businesses that are showing potential. In fact, some in Europe are likely to IPO next year which is great news. Below, we are going to look at some of those companies.

Startup launching


If you pay any attention to the fintech industry, you’ll probably have heard of TransferWise. This start-up is based bi-laterally in London and Estonia and is proving to be extremely profitable recently. With an 80% growth, TransferWise is considered a market leader in its industry. TransferWise specialises in sending money online; this industry has been booming recently. Experts believe that it is only a matter of time before this company hits the public market.


The world of cybersecurity has seen a lot of investment over recent years with a large focus on the addition of artificial intelligence. In fact, investment funds such as Tej Kohli Ventures and Team8 have been pumping a lot of capital into AI recently. Darktrace was founded in 2013 and are now looking at £107m in revenue. Based in the UK, this company first needs to get past compliance issues; once it achieves compliance, it should be on track for success.


Another company that is likely to IPO next is WorldRemit. This company was founded in 2010 and is based in the Fintech industry. Their revenue was £85m for 2018-29 and they are reportedly doing even better this year. It has been noted that Brexit could push this company to IPO soon as a UK company. Only time will tell what will happen next for WorldRemit.


In the world of payments sector of the fintech industry, Trustly is quickly becoming one of the most profitable start-ups. This company is based in Stockholm and generates around €90m in revenue. In fact, Trustly is now live across more than 29 countries around the world and has received a lot of praise from the Financial Times. Top investors are suggesting that it won’t be long before Trustly IPOs. 


Finally, you might want to keep an eye on Blablacar, a car-pooling company in the mobility industry. This company is based in France and it has an estimated but not confirmed revenue of $72m. According to reports, this car sharing company hasn’t ruled out a public listing and this is offering major hints to those keeping an eye on IPOs.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are some great companies that are set to IPO next. It won’t be long before at least one of these companies becomes available to the public and any shares should be snapped up as soon as possible. Who knows which company might IPO first?

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