Effective Ways to Enjoy Your Commute


Many people have to commute to work as a necessity, but most people barely give any thought to how they fill their time when travelling to work. Some even have to travel to a different city on a daily basis, which can be both time consuming and stressful, not to mention expensive.

Given that we spend so much of our time travelling to work, it makes sense that we should try to optimise this time and do whatever we can to enjoy it. Here are some effective ways of doing this.


There are many, many different ways to travel to work these days, but most people either drive to work or take public transport. Now, for longer distances this may be unavoidable, but for shorter distances there are far more effective options.

Cycling or even walking to work is not only free, but it is better for the environment and it releases endorphins which will improve your mood, reduce stress levels and get you ready for a productive day. Nowadays you can take your bike onto the train too, so even if you are travelling to another city you can get your exercise in.

Make it Interesting

There are many ways to go about revolutionising your commute by making it pleasurable. You could, for instance, ditch the bike and use an electric scooter for adults, something which would undoubtedly give you a rush as you tear down the streets.

If this seems over the top, simply doing something productive could make the world of difference. If on the train, for instance, you could start writing a book or script, or even a business plan. The hours you spend on it will add up, and you might find you’ve created a masterpiece after just a few months, so it is well worth looking into ways you can be productive on your commute.

Commute Together

If you are a lone commuter, you may be used to the bitter loneliness of a long commute, but there are probably millions of other commuters just like you who feel the same way. As such, finding a travel companion in such circumstances may be a great way to combat this, especially if you are a sociable person.

It might be worth asking around your workplace to see if anyone goes the same way/route as you, and travelling with them (if they agree to). If you use public transport, just finding a friendly, familiar face who you can talk to could completely change your enjoyment of the commute.

There are many small changes you can make to your commute which can make a big difference to your happiness. Be sure to analyse it and find your own solution to make your commute as enjoyable as you can.

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