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Disaster strikes in even the best of computers or the most recent Operating Systems. Viruses take hold and corrupt files. Hard drives fail or the computer itself falls or crashes without warning. Even after solving the problems, nothing comes close to describing the pain and inconvenience of losing valuable or sentimental data, which may be in the form of files, folders, and photos among others. In such dire and unforeseen circumstances, a great backup tool can mean the difference between a temporary data loss and a freak-out massive disaster. 

Due to their importance, most backup tools tend to be expensive and it gets difficult to get a reliable free alternative. Enter one of the best backup software, EaseUS Todo Backup and phew! A free reliable backup solution right there! EaseUS Todo Backup pretty much does back up both file and system’s state to prevent personal or business downtime in the event of loss of data. Using drive-imaging technology, EaseUS makes it possible for you to either recover a file from its backed-up image or restore your drive by running a bootable CD without the need to reinstall the OS or other applications. In addition, it gives you the freedom to choose media options where you can back up to SSDs or any local drives and network drives or devices.

To cap it all, EaseUS Todo Backup offers both local folder and files backup as well as disk imaging backup. This added advantage gives you the option of simply specifying the files and folders you would like or a more comprehensive complete backup of your hard drive. Most suitable for home users or small business owners, EaseUS is easy to install and has a simple user-friendly interface. Its new Version 8.5 is now compatible with the latest version of Windows, Windows 10 making it the best free backup tool for Windows 10 system backup.


· It offers options when creating backup that range from smart Backup, System Backup and File Backup to Disk Backup

· It enables you to clone your hard drive when you want to upgrade to a new one.

· It offers replace files and options for recovery location.

· Its back up is fast and unobtrusive without such hiccups as hanging and crashes.

· It is free, simple to use and with great features

· It allows you to update automatically when a new version becomes available without the hassle of having to download and reinstall.


· It does not come with a built-in virus scanner.

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