Don’t let Communication Gap Ruin Business for You

You may be immensely talented, but you build your reputation on certain other things as well, one of them being your communication skills. While it is important to be clear about your own goals in your own head and about what you are willing to do to succeed. You must have a clear understanding about the consequences of your action. But what is the point of all your efforts you are not able to communicate your interests and ideas or understand the other perspective? Become a communications expert.

When you are sending an application for a job interview, the email you’re sending should be checked twice before you hit the ‘send’ button. You can’t afford to make a silly error in the email, because unlike in casual texts or WhatsApp messages, making corrections with an Asterix (*) wouldn’t look very neat. Mistakes with spelling, tone, and grammar make you look careless. How is the employer supposed to trust with the job when you are ignorant enough to get a spelling right? Poorly prepared reports, presentations or emails, frustrate the receiver or audience, damaging your reputation with time. If you are the boss, you have to be extra careful, otherwise both your clients and your team members won’t take you seriously. And NEVER deliver a bad news on email or text; that is rude and very insensitive. As much as you want to avoid an awkward conversation, you have to make you convey your message without any misinterpretations and long-turn upset at the same time.

In the same way, even misrepresented reports and unclear instructions lead to unnecessary confusions and wastage of time. People can’t read your mind, you have to very understandable with what you want to convey to them. Simplify the message. Repeat the message. Whether it is working with a VA, an employee, a vendor, a partner, or a client, clear and positive communication is essential. Sometimes you have turn down deals keeping in mind your own interests, which is when you are assertive of your point. Assertiveness is stating what you want and what you don’t want, without sending any wrong signals to the other person. Also make sure you don’t pressurize your client or employee to satisfy your own interests, without paying heat to their needs. This creates a negative image of you in their minds, of distrust and aggression.

Effective communication does not only mean you speak well, it also includes careful listening, understanding what the other person is telling you, and observing your feedback. Set time aside to listen when you meet someone new. Give them space to talk about their viewpoints, and take time to absorb these. You must have a clear understanding about their needs, and always take time in clearing your queries. Don’t assume that you have understood everything, write down the key points of what your client needs. Or what you need done by your employee. If you want your employee to be attentive while you give him/her instructions, you are also to do the same.

Communication is a two way process, and a very important exercise to improve and enhance the working conditions, encouraging growth and profit.

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