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Bangalore is the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Kannada is the regional language spoken in the city, although nowadays most people can also speak English and Hindi. Bangalore has established itself as a cosmopolitan city offering a window into the country, and it is very welcoming towards people from all over the world.

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Nights in Bangalore are some of the most exciting you can have in India, and anything goes. You can have your best night ever in the amazing trendy places, or request call girl services online in Bangalore and enjoy a very special night.

Bangalore is a wonderful mix of past and present, with a great fusion of history, architecture, culture, spirituality and nature… alongside wild modern nights with great options for every taste. 

Nightlife in Bangalore is one of the most famous kinds. What can you do there? Read on and take note!

Indigo Live Music is a very well-known club with themed events every day. This place has been part of Bangalore’s nightlife scene for years and it is one of the oldest but most popular places.

The club hosts some of the country’s best DJs as well as offering a platform for many rock bands during the week. The pub’s two-storey terrace offers gorgeous views over the city’s skyline.

Is the night always over too soon for you? Go to the Rasta Café, the place for party animals who have nowhere to go when the city’s lights go out. 

Located nearly 50km from Bangalore on Mysore Road, Rasta is the perfect place to spend some time with friends around midnight. 

Do you want a unique experience? The sky is the limit at Ultra High Lounge. A terrace on the 31st floor, this is the place to enjoy the best night in Bangalore. It has an elegant lounge with a high-quality bar and restaurant. Its dancefloor is one of the best in the city, and if you add to that its impressive views over the city and the night sky, what more could you want?

Another very special place is Toit. Toit is a small classic beer hall with an elegant vibe and high-end English theme. It offers six kinds of beer – the most popular is Basmati lager, but you can also order much darker and bitterer options. You can also enjoy some delicious food, such as baked nachos.

Looking for something elegant and cool? Don’t miss the Blue Ginger. Elegant and very classy, it is officially open until midnight, and some weekends the party keeps going until four in the morning. The music is great, the food is amazing, and the vibe is cosmopolitan.

Bangalore has some of the trendiest nightlife – enjoy it!

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