Democracy in Meetings Makes Them More Fruitful

Many productivity hackers will tell you that meetings are a waste of time. While they are right, you cannot ditch every meeting ever. When you are starting out or when a project is in its initial stages, the meeting becomes crucial to set a pace that can be the make-or-break of your project.

As important as having a meeting is, it is more important to have a meeting that is fruitful. There is no point in having one just because it is the right thing to do or because you need to notify your employees of something.

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Make Use of Emails

It should never be a one-sided thing. If your meeting is going to be like that, then you are better off sending a memo or an email instead. It will save everyone’s time. A meeting should involve inputs from everyone attending. Anyone who doesn’t have something to add to the meeting shouldn’t be present.

Ideas and Projects – Discussion

When discussing ideas and projects, make sure not to be only the speaker. You need to be a listener as well to get the best ideas on board. Like mentioned before, if you are going to be one talking, then just send an email.

People appreciate and value the opportunity to be heard out. Knowing that their participation has been from the project’s inception makes them feel more connected to work. This results in them caring more about the task and giving their best.

It is okay if they disagree with your ideas. Listen to what they have to say. Weigh the pros and cons and select what works the best. There is nothing wrong with ditching your way if an employee has a more efficient way of doing something.

Your meetings should be run as a democracy and not a dictatorship. You should value valid points and concerns and be gentle in putting down the wrong ones. 

In emergencies, during deadlines, with high-value clients, etc. taking an autocratic approach sometimes becomes necessary. At the end of the day, it is going to be your decision, but try to take a democratic approach whenever possible.

Final Thoughts

The person who seems inexperienced, the fresher, the quiet one, etc. can surprise you with the ideas they have, when given a chance to express their thoughts. The feeling of being heard is what makes employees care about their organization. If you are going to have a meeting, make it a discussion rather than a seminar. Don’t only speak, listen!

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