How to Cut your Grocery Bill to Half?

Ever calculated your monthly grocery bill? You will be shocked to see the number. The reason why those diet plans are not working is this only, and nothing else! You may have noticed that groceries must also be getting wasted as lot more recently. That is because you are buying more than the required and hence throwing more too. Take a deep breath and get out of the shock because there is a way. Where there is a will there is a way. In fact there are many ways to cut down your grocery bills. Start reading!

  • Make a list and stick to it. Before going out for shopping, always make a list. Because those nicely decked shelves will never stop looking tempting. There are apps available on the mobile phone which you can use to make your list easily.
  • Never go to grocery shopping on an empty stomach. This may sound funny but there is scientific research to back this. Hunger is sole driving force of our actions. When we are hungry we tend to buy more. Not only grocery shopping but shopping in general should be avoided when on an empty stomach. First eat something then think rationally about shopping!
  • As you keep adding things in your cart, start adding their price in your head too. Keep a count. Or carry a calculator for your convenience. Use the mobile calculator. Fix a budget and don’t exceed that limit. This habit will not only save your money but also make you aware of the prices of the things you were earlier buying unknowingly. You may also want to stop being brand conscious, if you are one.
  • Start using the cash-only policy in your life. Carry cash. Leave all your credit cards at home. Cards give us the liberty to go on buying without any limit. Take the exact amount of cash that you have allocated for groceries. This is a foolproof way ensuring that you don’t buy excessive and unnecessary groceries. This tactic not only helps in curbing excessive grocery shopping but cutting down unnecessary expenses if applied in other aspects of life too.
  • If you are a frequent shopper, then start limiting your visits to the mall. Because we tend to buy more if we go more frequently. Slowly start reducing this. For instance if you go to the market twice a week then start going once a week and gradually bring it down to once a month.
  • Ever thought of trying new grocery stores? Think. Do that. It might end up saving you some money.
  • Start observing what goes inside you. Start planning your meals. Cut down the meat content. It is sure to bring your bill down drastically.
  • Take advantage of those monthly sales and stock up your larder. But don’t let the sales take advantage of you. Buy only what you need and not because it is up on some rubbish offer to fool you.

Hope these tactics come handy when you go grocery shopping next time!

P.S.- Don’t forget the list.

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