How to Use Technology to Get Your Startup Off the Ground

Technology today offers a wide range of opportunities for businesses in order to make tasks such as marketing and team management easier and hassle-free. But, with so many different tech tools out there today, coupled with the fact that technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate, it can be difficult for new entrepreneurs to […]

Industries That Need Video Content

Video content has been used heavily in the corporate world; especially by newer players like SaaS companies and startups in the tech industry. This is understandable as most of the players in those fields have to communicate complex and novel ideas to their market on a regular basis. But are there other industries where video […]

7 Ways Startups Are Changing the Way Businesses Work

In this dynamic and technology-oriented world, new business ideas are generated every day. While it is easier to come up with an idea, the difficult part is executing it in such a way that it would be profitable and successful. Instead of following the same old pattern of graduating and getting hired by a multi-million […]

5 Reasons Why Investing in Startups is a Good Move

Investing used to be reserved for the wealthy, who could afford to risk a significant part of their fortune on an unknown company. Now, with platforms like VNX Exchange, the venture capital assets can get liquified. And many startups use crowdfunding platforms to collect funds for their operations. All of this creates new opportunities for […]

3 Fatal Mistakes that Many Startups Make

To launch a successful startup, you need to be relentlessly — or better yet, obsessively — optimistic. But at the same time, you also need to be a down-to-earth pragmatic realist. Otherwise, instead of achieving your vision, you’ll likely find yourself forced to shut down, or maybe even file for bankruptcy. To help you avoid […]