5 Things You Need to Know About Working at a Startup

Startup culture has become somewhat of a hit in pop culture. So it’s no surprise that the startup world is attractive to many employees off-screen, too. After all, the job descriptions for startups are often very attractive, with awesome perks like happy hours, free breakfasts, game rooms, and more. Not only is the workplace culture […]

5 Lead Generation Lessons for B2B Startups

Selling to businesses is hard, and slow. When you have a B2B startup, you can pick from two models: hunting for sales or farming them. To farm is simply to handle the leads that come in via a well-built marketing funnel. We call it inbound marketing. But how can you achieve a well-functioning lead generation […]

Circle: Joins Largest Crypto Startups With Valuation of $3 Billion

Circle is a peer-to-peer payment technology company founded in October 2013 by Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville. Backed by Goldman Sachs Group, it is currently the largest cryptocurrency startup due to several initiatives and acquisitions. The Boston-based startup recently raised $110 million in a funding round that pivoted its valuation to a whopping $3 billion. […]

Startups are Battling it out with the Giants of Commerce in the Online Marketing Front

Online business marketing is considered as the process of making a business popular on the virtual world of internet. Today, the online business transaction is a common thing. With big fishes of the industry, small-scale businesses are also emerging. As a result, the market has turned more competitive. Today, every business wants to clinch certain […]

5 Reasons Every Startup Should Invest in Search Engine Marketing

This is a guest post, courtesy of Adam Steele, the founder of Loganix, a popular SEO fulfillment company located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Search engine marketing (SEM) is an expense that you should consider necessary if you own and plan to expand a startup. The focus of SEM is your presence on search […]