3 Fatal Mistakes that Many Startups Make

To launch a successful startup, you need to be relentlessly — or better yet, obsessively — optimistic. But at the same time, you also need to be a down-to-earth pragmatic realist. Otherwise, instead of achieving your vision, you’ll likely find yourself forced to shut down, or maybe even file for bankruptcy. To help you avoid […]

8 Tips for Making Your Startup A Big Success

Harvard Business School places the failure rate of startup failures at 75%, and it means that the majority of the startups would not go on to become a successful startup company. While it can be exciting to launch your owns startup, it sure makes sense to pause for a while and learn from mistakes made […]

Why Working in a Coworking Space Is Ideal for a New Startup

Many startups choose to work in coworking spaces these days. The trend is gaining momentum each year, and more and more startups elect to work for longer periods in shared working spaces before moving to a dedicated office. The following are some of the most important reasons for this new trend. Fierce Competition Any new […]

Money Saving Tips for Restaurant Startups

Tech startups, transportation startups, financial startups — these are the new companies that make headlines. However, around the world, tens of thousands of restaurants open every year, most on shoestring budgets with skeleton staffs, but rarely do restauranteurs receive equivalent help and resources to their more popular startup brethren. Running a restaurant might be more […]

Popular Start-Ups in 2019: What can We Learn from Them?

Within the last few years, the digital era has seen the rise of many new and inventive different business startups. Following the rise in numbers of internet users, the scope for business growth has never been greater on digital platforms. With increasing amounts of startup businesses making their way onto the market in 2019 across […]