The 3 Best Ways To Deal With Conflict Resolution In The Workplace

Any business brings in workers from all walks of life with many different personalities. No matter how hard your human resources department tries to hire to make a team that works well together, there will be conflicts. People butting heads is an inevitability but it doesn’t have to be a disaster or lead to a […]

Does Your Startup Need Marketing Help? Here Are 5 Signs

Running a startup is no easy task. There are several areas that a startup needs to focus on, and building a strong product or service is crucial during these early stages. However, in the process of perfecting your product, you might let your marketing fall to the wayside. The fact is, your early marketing efforts […]

Start-ups in 2020?

Planning to build your own business? But worried that the pandemic might have blown that opportunity away? Are you at crossroads with what to do? Here are some views of people who have started their businesses just before the lock-down and some who plan to start amidst or soon after. A list of four questions […]

What are Agile & Waterfall Methodologies?

The golden rule of project management? No project is the same; the way to approach each one depends on its own characteristics. Project management companies usually focus on the Agile and Waterfall methodologies: Do you know which one is best suited to your situation? What Is the Waterfall Methodology Like a waterfall, this very popular […]

How To Improve Your Office Culture

If you’re a manager or an owner of a business, you’re probably wondering for news ways to make your employees enjoy coming to work on a regular basis. Studies have found that one of the largest factors that impact employee satisfaction with their job is the overall office culture. If you improve your office culture, […]