6 Bad SEO Practices You Should Avoid

Have you ever noticed less traffic entering your website or your keyword rankings dropping overnight? These are few common symptoms of a website being penalized by Google due to poor SEO practices. Without enough knowledge and experience on proper SEO strategies, you may risk having your website negatively affected by Google’s algorithm updates. If your […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing Funnel: Landing Pages That Convert

With numerous brands lining up in every market, competing for exposure and revenues, you need to know how a start-up company like you can keep up in the industry where everything seems to be competitive (read more). Eventually, having a premium quality product is not enough to gain customers. Everything in the digital market can […]

Mindsets and Principles: Keys to Standing out as a Freelancer

The gig economy has boomed in recent years. With the pandemic leading many working professionals to pursue ‘side hustles’ at an alarming rate, companies are turning to the abundance of short-term work available to them as a salve to what are common long-term talent shortage issues. For the freelancer, it’s a turbulent time. By nature, […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your IT Resource Allocation

Setting an IT budget is one thing, but how your resources are used can max out the strictest budgets in a snap. Not only do you have to stick to a budget, but you have to allocate your resources appropriately, as well. Have no fear. Resource allocation is here to the rescue! Resource allocation is […]

Making Every Second Count: 5 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Maximize Company Time

As a business owner, efficiency is critical. Knowing how to track and prioritize your resources can make or break your productivity, especially if you’re mismanaging your time—arguably the most essential resource. Time is a finite resource, and once it is gone, it never comes back. That’s why it is vital to focus efforts on the […]