11 Employee Recognition Quotes Every Leader Should Know

When talking about how important it is to show appreciation and gratitude to your employees and how it boosts morale and helps them work with more enthusiasm, I came across so many great quotes. So, here are some that I would like to share – quotes that show your appreciation and also why it matters. […]

How To Improve Your Employees Productivity

Ideally, there’s nothing more important to a business than its employees. They are, in fact, the real assets of an organization, as they contribute effectively to the successful functioning of a business. Also, they work hard to deliver the best services they can offer and achieve their goals within the required timeframe.  However, there are […]

Be Approachable: Stay Available to Win Over Your Employees

The communication gap is a huge issue in many workplaces. Employees often feel like they cannot reach their boss if they need to. This hesitation in reaching out often stems from the internal corporate hierarchy. This makes them feel uncomfortable, and they feel at different levels. If, as a boss, you take travel frequently and […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Deal With Anxiety

Entrepreneurship is hard. Most people can’t handle the stress and anxiety associated with starting a new business. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs come from the safe feeling of a steady job and paycheck, to an environment where earnings go up and down unpredictably. It’s enough to make anyone reach a breaking point. This can result in mental health […]

Top 5 Apps from Setapp for your Daily Productivity

Picture this: It’s a brand new day, and you sit down at your work-from-home space with a steaming cup of joe and the determination to accomplish all your tasks. Fast forward, and the day has invariably slipped away from you: amidst zoom calls, cluttered desktop files, and way too many open tabs (where is that […]