Preparing for an Economic Downturn with Adam Clarke

Pandemics and wars have affected productivity and the global economy is heading for a downturn However, instead of worrying, Adam Clarke Macropay founder and CEO shares tips on how you can prepare.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity for Remote Workers

On the plus side, there are generally going to be quite a few things that you can do to help improve productivity among employees who are working from home – here are just a few examples that we think you will want to take into consideration if you haven’t already:  Outline expectations with your remote […]

How to Create a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy?

Excerpt: 2022 is the year of data-driven recruiting. Data is being utilized at almost every hiring stage, and there is no going back. So if you are still not familiar with this type of recruitment, here is your guide. Long gone are when recruiters used to post a job advertisement, pray to get the applicants […]

What Is a Sales Dashboard & How To Create One?

One of the things that you’ll absolutely need to do when running a business is keep track of everything that’s and measure everything in order to check the progress that your company is actually making on the market. Your goal is, without a doubt, to build a successful company, and you won’t be able to […]

5 Ways To Optimize Employee Performance

At any organization, the ability to perform to a high level regardless of limited resources is pretty important. With a cutthroat market full of global competition and rapidly changing variables, it can be tough to survive and thrive. But the key to successfully running any business is to utilize your most valuable asset: your employees. […]