How To Repurpose Content for Better SEO

There are many reasons you should be repurposing content. One of the biggest reasons is for better search engine optimisation. But rephrasing content can be difficult and time-consuming. How do you know how much to change to avoid duplicate content penalties. In this article we will dive into cases where rewriting content is appropriate. We […]

6 Massive Changes That Are Completely Overturning Online Marketing Rules

The introduction of the internet was not only a revolution in terms of information exchange but also in the area of marketing. Businesses could now start marketing their products and services right to the customer’s home in ways that TV or newspapers couldn’t match. Now, marketing is once again adapting itself to newer technologies and […]

Top Money Apps to Help You Save and Invest for Your Future

You often feel that you do not earn enough to save substantially for your future. You fret over not saving, thinking that it is an impossible task to achieve. If the answers to these questions are yes, then you are not alone. Based on the findings of a 2017 report by the Federal Reserve, US […]

Top 6 Professional Website Benefits

As an entrepreneur, developing a personal brand and making it a household name is critical. In the modern world, establishing a web presence takes your branding a step closer to the consumer. Everyone is online, looking for brands, influencers, as well as products and services. As such, if your online presence does not compel the […]

Why People Love What Neil Patel Publishes Across 5 Content Formats

If you’re unfamiliar with who Neil Patel is and the value that he brings to the online marketing ecosystem, it’s high time you got caught up. Patel is among the founders of HelloBar, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg and QuickSprout, some of the biggest names in contemporary marketing. Today, most of his online activity takes place via […]