Striking the Work-Life-Study Balance as A Student

No matter what type of major commitments you have as a student, chances are that pursuing some part-time work has crossed your mind. Yes, while so many people sell these years as the “best years of your life” with plenty of extracurricular activities, learning opportunities, and other fun things to do, money will always be […]

How to Cut your Grocery Bill to Half?

Ever calculated your monthly grocery bill? You will be shocked to see the number. The reason why those diet plans are not working is this only, and nothing else! You may have noticed that groceries must also be getting wasted as lot more recently. That is because you are buying more than the required and […]

Make your Company’s Summer Social Event Sparkle

The Christmas party might be the most talked-about event of the social calendar at work, but summer is when the fun really happens. From awards ceremonies and work-BBQs, warmer weather makes summer the perfect time for a corporate event. Any extracurricular activity is bound to make some staff members roll their eyes, so make your […]

How to Bring Colour in the Office and Make it Great Again

In 2016, the Australian Government ordered the use of the world’s ugliest colour in cigar packaging in order to discourage smoking. This is just one of the millions of business and political strategies which utilise the colour theory. Colour helps us understand our environment and it greatly affects our thoughts and the choices we make. […]

Go Limitless With a Pill

There are quite a few ways that you could clinch on for helping you deal with your memory problems. Which is the most reliable out of them? Let’s find out! Brain work out or exercise is a great way proven to be effective in maintaining a healthy brain. You got to practice it regularly to […]