Green Entrepreneurship: The Innovative Way Forward

With the cause for environmental concern rapidly growing because of the fallout of global warming and climate change, there has been a drastic shift of attitudes from traditional practices towards more eco-friendly alternatives and increased stress on personal accountability. This change has been seen in almost every single sphere of life— from entertainment sectors to […]

Essential Online Courses for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The uptake of online courses has taken off in the last couple of years. The rise can be significantly attributed to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has left many people with limited access to traditional learning institutions, so they have turned to online courses. The pandemic has transformed businesses because of the […]

Skills Required for Leadership in Healthcare

Do you have aspirations of becoming a leader in healthcare? If you want to make a positive difference to the world, then healthcare is a terrific industry to work in and can provide immense job satisfaction. Not only this, but it is also an area that can be lucrative, provide a great deal of flexibility […]

Kfir Gavrieli, CEO of Tieks, on What Makes a Hero

In the same way that some people are naturally good at business, some are also naturally altruistic. For these people, helping others is simply a part of life – a natural, everyday practice – and being generous with their time, resources, and intelligence is a part of their intrinsic makeup. Now, with technology at our […]

Is Intrepreneur the new Entrepreneur?

More people than ever before are working from home right now. In the past, being able to work from home would usually mean having your own business, but today there are so many different ways to do this, and new roles are being carved out to fit the everchanging climate all the time.  Whether you’re […]