Skills for Mentoring Others

In your working life, you might find yourself tutoring or mentoring someone else. This may be a normal part of work for you but, for those who have not had to act in a training capacity before, you may be left wondering how to be a good mentor. Some skills for this can be learned, […]

Enthusiasm Can Be An Achilles’ Heel For Entrepreneurs

According to legend, Achilles helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. The great warrior seemed invincible until he was felled by an arrow to his heel.  Thousands of years later, we still refer to a person’s biggest vulnerability as an Achilles’ heel.  It’s the one weakness of an otherwise strong individual. Most entrepreneurs are themselves […]

Reshape Yourself to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Would-be entrepreneurs might have stumbled across a sobering statistic: that most businesses set up in the UK fail within their first five years. Many of these failures can be attributed, at least in part, to the personal traits and habits of those charged with overseeing the business. Successful entrepreneurs possess qualities that unsuccessful ones often […]

5 Tips for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

The present-day world that we’re residing in, globalization is fostering equality and competitiveness, undermining conventional extended family values, and a step-by-step process of burning down gender inequalities, the ones had been entrenched earlier. Due to this, more and more girls had been preceding traditional male-ruled places of work to begin their enterprise. In recent years, […]

Billionaire Entrepreneurships That Started in a Basement

When you think of billionaire companies, you probably think of huge office buildings and giant computer stations. However, there are many companies with a valuation of over $1 billion that got their start in something much less grand. At the beginning, many of the founders of these companies were working from a basement — typically […]