Ottawa’s Mike McGahan Attributes People as Key Pillar of Effective Leadership

Real estate isn’t an easy business for many to excel in, especially when markets can be volatile, but Ottawa’s Mike McGahan is a real estate expert who has guided others to success during his 30-plus years in the industry, leading not one, but eventually two major organizations. As CEO and trustee of the InterRent Real […]

The Human Workplace Perspective – The Future of Great Leaders

The world is changing, and with it, the workplace. We are currently living in a huge innovation period. Transition is happening. Robots and other automated tools are changing the way we work for good, and the future of great leaders are also evolving. What does it mean to be a leader in the workplace today? […]

The Qualities that make a good Business Leader

There are a lot of good business managers out there, but a good business leader is something different. To inspire a team of people, to secure their loyalty and get the most out of their talents, requires a combination of unusual talents. There are many leadership styles out there adapted to suit different personalities, but […]

How do I become a Project Manager?

An entrepreneur or business owner is likely to have some project management skills in their locker. For example, being able to devise a strategy and then follow it through. But what about methodology? Project management isn’t about managing by the seat of your pants. Countless projects have failed or gone over budget because risks weren’t […]

2019 Spirit of Hope Benefit Exceeds Fundraising Records, Raises over $5 Million

The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center’s (FSWC) Spirit of Hope Fundraising Benefit achieved its greatest success to date, with the event, which was held on June 18th at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, receiving overwhelming financial support.  The benefit raised over $5 million to aid FSWC’s education initiatives and award-winning programs, such as the Tour for […]