Casinos: What Technology is being Used?

The casino industry has been around for centuries and overtime it has evolved and now uses many different technologies from slot machines to roulette wheels. The most recent technology trend that you will find in the gambling industry is live streaming videos of games that are happening all over the world on your computer or mobile device. Casinos are always looking for new ways to attract players and as a result they are using many different types of technology in an attempt to make their casinos more appealing than their competition. Examples include virtual reality and augmented reality games that can be played from your mobile device inside the casino as well as touchscreens and biometric readers such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition software. Another attractive thing, especially for the online casinos, is the fact that they don’t stop to surprise us with their offers, so that everybody could find its place in the online gambling world. If you are someone who is new in this and want to search for best online casinos in New Zealand, there are websites like Casino Reviews which can help you find the best way to get started. There are some popular brands like Jackpot City which are a $1 nzd deposit casino but there are many more reviewed on that link by Casino Reviews. What this means is that you can start online gambling without risking too much as this casino has set the minimum deposit limit at just $1 whereas, a lot of casinos will set this much higher. This really is possible and that is why we love such casinos who will let you play for real money and see what they have to offer with very little risk. When you have the door open to the online world like this, you will be able to take advantage of the newest technologies that the online casinos adapt. If are interested to know what the online casino industry is doing, here are a few examples:

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Blockchain technology

The first thing we are going to be looking at is blockchain technology which is a system used to record information in such a way that makes it difficult or even impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. Casinos are using blockchain technology because it provides transparency in database transactions. Blockchain technology guarantees the security of online casinos because every transaction that is made during the game will be recorded and then assigned its own codes. 

Mobile support

The online casino industry is also using mobile support and they are creating mobile casinos so that players have the convenience and flexibility of playing their favourite casino games on their tablets or smartphone. These days every top online casino has a mobile version of their site because more people own and use mobiles than those who use laptops and desktops. You can take your mobile device anywhere and this portability allows you to play your favourite casino games anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. During the disruption caused by COVID-19, mobile gambling experienced a growth in players and revenue. 


RNGs or random number generators are an important part of the online gaming industry. At online casinos with RNGs, the shuffling is replaced by a mathematical formula to ensure that every card that is dealt, every dice that is rolled and or wheel that is spun, is completely random and unpredictable. RNGs are important because they make the games fair and honest. RNGs are tested by independent regulators and if casino sites fail these tests, they will not be granted an operating license. 

RNGs are good because they create fairness.

VR and AR

AR and VR stands for virtual reality and augmented reality. These have become increasingly popular and is commonly used for video games. The online casino industry is also using it because embracing the use of VR and AR software to ensure imagery, graphics and other gaming accessories provides a gaming experience that is very real-world like. 

Using VR and AR technology is great because it makes the online gaming experience engaging and exciting and it creates scenarios that are impossible to create otherwise.  It also gives you the look of a real casino and overall, VR and AR is fun. 

Al and Chatbots

Lastly we are going to be looking at Al and chatbots. The casino industry is using Al or artificial intelligence. Players are given smarter and more efficient playing options with a rise in hi-tech designs and an atmosphere that resembles a real casino room. Artificial intelligence makes gambling much more fun for everyone by ensuring that players are getting the best of all the digital worlds. 

Casinos are also using chatbots which is a computer program that is designed to have a conversation with human users over the internet. Chatbots are good for customer service because they offer instant resolutions, the casino can offer 24/7 conversational support, answers can be tailored to different types of customers and chatbots continuously learn. Overall, chatbots improve the customer service experience. 

So there you have it, 5 different technologies that are being used in online casinos. We have blockchain technology, mobile support, RNG, VR and AR and AI and chatbots. Now you have more information to help you understand how online casinos operate and the technology they use. 

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