Business Tools you Need in 2019

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Running a business isn’t always easy. In fact, most would say that it is never easy.

That’s why many business owners look for creative software solutions to deal with their day to day business functions. Whether they be as simple as a way to organize their daily routines or a way to manage bookkeeping operations, there’s a billion dollar market in software for business people. When you’re running your own business, time is of the essence and every minute spent organizing yourself or putting out fires is a minute not spent towards furthering your goals and ambitions.

On that note, here are a few tools that can benefit just about any business in the year 2019:

Proper Support Software

Part of any business is ensuring continued customer satisfaction throughout all stages of the purchasing process. What many entrepreneurs fail to develop adequately is their infrastructure for how to support customers once they’ve already paid for & received the service. This means their support teams are often much too small or just entirely inadequate for handling support questions after a customer has made their purchase. A piece of software like Groove makes this process much simpler by making a centralized support platform that makes finding & fixing customer support tickets a breeze. Different support members can all collaborate and work on issues together as a team so there’s no risk that one support member is forgetting about something crucial they could do for the customer.

Co-Browsing Software

Co-browsing as a visual engagement tool is helping companies to engage with their customers in real-time. Taking the example of an insurance company, the customers have to go through tons of documents and forms, send information and wait for the approval. With co-browsing, the agents can access the current browser and gain instant access over the customer’s web resources, verify the document and proofs, and complete the process in a matter of few minutes. Due to co-browsing, there is complete clarity on the exchange of information. Customers and agents can be literally there on the same page. Security concerns are addressable with data masking. The customer can hide confidential information and share only that part of the web resource which they are willing to share.

Testing Software

Businesses deal with a lot of data these days, gigabytes and gigabytes of the stuff, to be exact, and it isn’t always easy to anticipate how that data will interact with each other. Each change made could end up breaking the entire system without any prior notice. That’s why proper testing software that allows you to make changes and try to “break” your system yourself long before customers have the chance to can make or break your reputation. If you’re developing apps, a service like pCloudy can give you expansive testing ability all from your desktop. This way, you can work on improving your systems and seeing how these changes affect it long before it becomes an issue.

Accounting Software

Not every business has the resources or the patience for a full-time accountant. Luckily, many minor bookkeeping services can be outsourced to pre-made software ready to tackle the job. Part of streamlining any business is making sure that all of your expenses are worthwhile and that money is coming in at a steady enough pace to cover all of these expenses. Many businesses now go with software like Wave that allows them to manage all of their financial data both on and off the computer screen.


Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is simpler than ever in the digital age. Instead of having to worry about hiring tons of new IT people, customer service staff, or accounting staff, many things can be effectively managed with one tiny piece of software. This allows business people to save money and most importantly time. The skills needed to succeed in 2019 include a willingness to adapt to change and find new solutions, and they are definitely out there.

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