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What really makes a successful entrepreneur? Is it intelligence, creativity and hard work? It takes more than these qualities to become a successful entrepreneur. You must find a niche or career you are naturally gifted in or you have developed the skill to excel in. It also takes very good marketing strategies and hard work to make it to the top. You must be persistent and of a positive mindset and you must have a thick skin and be very self-confident. It’s always super helpful having tips from some individuals who have been in the same situation and figured things out to be successful. This article will explore tips from some of them.       

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Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis has been known since an early age as he became a very successful photographer at a young age. He is now the founder and CEO of CreativeLive, a livestream educational   company which has become the largest in the world. Chase says that you should pursue what you have a passion for and what you naturally do best. 

In most cases, it doesn’t lead you to success if you are trying to make money just to be making money. You will fail every time because you will not have the drive, passion or fortitude to put in the long hours and you will not have the love and patience to stay with it when times get tough. You must pursue a passion that will keep you motivated to see it to success in hard times and thin times. This is why he has been so successful because he pursued and excelled in his passions. He was an internationally known photographer.

CreativeLive is the latest brainchild of Chase and it is a very successful online school in other words. The streaming website offers the most popular courses that people are taking today.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva—is a graphic design company located in Australia—or he tries to convert people to buy into Canva’s business and he is a Silicone-based author, investor, and entrepreneur. He is the author of the book “The Start of the Art 2.0”. 

He has written 13 books and he is a very successful marketing executive, and investor who has helped many well-known companies to go from product conception to dominating the market with that particular product. He has helped a lot of start-ups to become very successful companies as well. 

He has a very simple approach to being a successful entrepreneur and that is put aside the negative activities that will drive you away from accomplishing your dreams and that will block your road to success. He says to focus on the positive activities that will bring immensely successful results. He said this ““If you get a prototype out and you get enough people using it, you never have to write a business plan. A prototype is where you separate the BS from the reality.”

So just put out a good test product and back it with a good advertising and marketing campaign and you get enough people to use the product you will capture the market. This philosophy has worked well for him over the years and the companies he has worked with so prolifically. 

Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff is the author of 5 books and one of those books is the best-selling “Do-Over”. His mantra could be “Hustle, hustle, and hustle some more” because he says you must hustle to be successful in your chosen career path(s). He worked for 16 years getting hired and fired from nowhere jobs. He finally followed his pursuits and he became self-employed as writer, speaker and brand consultant.

He admits that becoming successful did not come easy and by no means was it handed to him on a golden platter. He said he became successful with a lot of dedication, hard work and persistence. He is a skilled writer and a very effective communicator. He had this to say “Hustle is an act of focus, not frenzy. Hustle is about subtraction and addition. It’s not about doing more, it’s about focusing on the things you need to do, in order to move your business forward.” He worked very hard to reach the pinnacle of success he has achieved. 

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was one of the most famous entrepreneurs of the 19th century. He started his illustrious career at an early age. He landed a job as a telegraph operator for $2.50 a week and quickly was given a raise to $4.00 a week. By the time he was 18-years-old he had risen through the ranks quickly through hard work. One of his famous tips is “You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb” in other words, if you want to be successful it is up to you. 

You must put in the hard work, perseverance, and sweat yourself to reach your goals and arrive at whatever success you want to achieve. At his death, he was worth $350,695,653 which today would be worth 300 billion. He was born on November 25, 1835 and was 83 years old at the time of his death

He was also a successful oil man and he was very good at writing because his first book sold over 40,000 copies. He was known for his intelligence, writing, and his knack for investing in the right businesses to make a lot of money from those investments. He once offered Spain $20,000,000 dollars to buy the Philippines. He wanted to buy the country so he could grant them their independence. 

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the illustrious founder of “Nasty Gal” and the author of “#Girlboss”. She founded the store “Nasty Gal” in 2006 it is basically an e-bay store that sells very expensive clothing for women. She turned the company into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In six years it was named the “fastest growing retailer” and the company started its own clothing line. 

She has switched from being the CEO of “Nasty Gal” and she became the executive chairman and she oversees the creative and brand marketing functions of the company. Before she started her fairy-tale climb to success she never had any experience in fashion at all. He advises enterprising entrepreneurs to never take “no” for answer and the people who tell you “no” will finally tell you “yes”. She also says do not ever accept failure because if you want to be successful failure is not an option.   

So, keep a positive mindset and believe in yourself and do not accept failure as an option but keep running hard after your dreams and you will succeed at them.  

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is another best-selling author and she fulfilled his dream to be a top-selling author. The book he wrote is “School of Greatness” and he is the host of the podcast by the same name. He was a professional athlete turned author-entrepreneur. So, he actually achieved two dreams that of being an author and an athlete. 

He suffered a career-ending injury on the football field which forced him to hang up his cleats early. He then turned to writing and he has become very successful at it. He is also a speaker and online educator. His tip is to never give up on your dreams even if they do not work out the way you expected them to. Always have a backup dream to fulfill your purpose in life. 

These are some tips from current successful entrepreneurs who had had a major impact in many millions of people’s lives and have literally changed the course of their lives and other people’s lives. They have shared tips that have made them some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.  

If a young entrepreneur who is just starting out and has a dream to impact the world and have a very successful career. Then they need to take to heart what these entrepreneurs are sharing and they will be light years ahead of the competition.

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