Bleisure: The Most Efficient Ways to Explore America’s Biggest Cities

Ways to Explore America’s Biggest Cities

Imagine this: You and your group of friends have just landed in the City of Brotherly Love at the Philadelphia International Airport (considering you don’t actually live in or near Philadelphia). This trip is just one of many on your list of major American cities to visit and explore. How are you going to get around? Yes, there’s Uber/Lyft, rental cars, and don’t forget public transportation… but isn’t that too much of a hassle? Maybe not if it’s just you and two or three other friends, but what if it was you plus five friends?

As of May 2021, Philadelphia ranks as the sixth most populous city in the United States. With lots of people means lots of modes of transportation around the city. But which would be the most efficient way to get around? Well, it all depends on your reason for exploring these big cities.

Top 3 Ways to Get Around

#3: Rental Cars

It wouldn’t be hard to find a rental car that seats six people comfortably, and you have the freedom to come and go as you please. However, rental cars come with expenses. There’s the cost of the car itself, not to mention putting gas in the car, and insurance. Navigation could also be an issue, dealing with the major traffic that comes with bigger cities.

If you’re traveling as a group for a business trip, a rental car definitely wouldn’t be the best option. But as an entrepreneur traveling for business, a rental car would definitely be more up your alley, especially if you travel for work frequently.

#2: Public Transportation

Using the city’s public transportation to get around eliminates the con of navigating through traffic in an unfamiliar city. Modes of public transport include the city bus, subways, and trains. With someone else driving, you and your friends get to spend more time enjoying each other’s company, all while taking in the sights of the city. The only downside to public transportation is that it costs money every time you use it. This may not be the most cost-effective way.

On top of that, when traveling for business, the level of professionalism is lacking with public transportation as well. For group travel, your team may want to discuss certain customer acquisition ideas or company but will be limited due to being in mixed company. Now, if your group was looking to get around just to have a local experience, then this option would be great, but definitely inappropriate for business purposes.

#1: Charter Buses

Now, charter buses aren’t normally considered as a mode of transportation within a city, but this is actually a pretty efficient way to explore a major city with a large group of people, especially for a professional or business trip of coworkers, partners, and employees. 

Maybe you’re attending a corporate conference in Philadelphia… When it comes to business trips, especially out-of-state business trips, companies will allow individuals to explore the city on their own as long as everyone attends the mandatory meeting and presentations. But even with that, most companies still want all employees to do some sightseeing together as a team.

In those instances, this is when companies turn to a bus rental company in Philadelphia that will accommodate and transport all team members to each destination or attraction comfortably and safely. From the Liberty Bell Center and the Betsy Ross Home to Independence Hall and the National Constitutional Center, you and your team will have loads to do in the City of Brotherly Love.

By renting a charter bus, you and your group lose the burden of having to navigate through a big city on your own, as well as the freedom to move about as you please. The cost may be a little more, but depending on your group size and bus size, splitting the cost among the passengers helps to cut it down.

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