Best European Trading Platforms for 2020

Finding the best trading platform in Europe can be a challenging task. There are a lot of brokers to choose from these days, and it isn’t easy to find one that suits all your trading needs. This is why we will break it down for you so that you can invest your money with the lowest risk and fees and highest satisfaction. Having looked at trading platforms for stocks, EFTs, forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies, here are the best European trading platforms for 2020. 

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IC Markets

An excellent platform that has been chosen by over 60,000 users so far. When it comes to the benefits of using IC markets, you should be aware that it allows scalping and hedging. When you are reading any IC market review, there has to be a mention that they offer negative balance protection. The platform also has a low minimum deposit, only 200! There are a couple of types of accounts on IC markets, varying from a demo or mini accounts to Islamic or raw spread. Email support is another feature that is guaranteed here. You should expect variable spreads, instead of fixed spreads. The possibly biggest disadvantage of IC markets is that the platform doesn’t feature a live chat, so your communication with fellow traders will be limited. 


eToro is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best cryptocurrency and copy platform in Europe. They offer you a unique experience with around 2000 financial instruments to choose from. The EFT and stock trading is free on eToro, but you can also expect low CFD fees. It is an affordable platform, but you can expect a small fine with every withdrawal that you make. The minimum deposit, just like with IC markets, is at 200. You should know that this particular platform is used by over 12 million users, which makes it one of the most trusted platforms in Europe. eToro uses fixed spreads, and when it comes to support, there is phone support, live chat, and email support to ensure you get the help you need. 


XTB is a unique platform in a way that it doesn’t have a minimum deposit in place, you can invest as much and as little as you want. It has also been called a perfect platform when you want to trade CFDs. They have competitive pricing and just under 2000 instruments at your disposal. XTB cares for around 250, 000 users and allows scalping and hedging as well as negative balance protection. Another notable feature of this platform is that it offers a pro account among others, so if you are more experienced, it could be the trading platform for you. XTB operates on variable spreads and offers live chat and phone as well as email support. 

Trading 212

Trading 212 is a platform that is excellent for people starting their investment journey with 14 million users behind it. The platform allows hedging and offers a low minimum deposit, starting at only 1! A unique feature of this platform is a guaranteed stop loss and the fact that trading 212 is using both fixed and variable spreads. It is a user-friendly place with over 3000 stocks and ETFs available for you to invest in. You can also count on email and phone support, and when you have other questions, there is a live chat available for you to connect with the community. 

Plus 500 

Plus 500 is another popular trading platform in Europe that has also been heavily advertised lately. It has over 15,500 users and allows both scalping and hedging. This platform has a low minimum deposit requirement, a hundred. Plus 500 offers negative balance protection and three types of accounts, demo standard and Islamic. When it comes to support you can go for email or live chat, no phone support provided.  


Degiro is the so-called best stock and EFTs trading platform in Europe. They offer low-cost trading, and you can trade EFTs without any commission. You can expect access to over 30 international exchanges, which makes it easy to diversify your investment portfolio. This platform is most suitable for beginners or price-conscious traders. Around 450,000 users are using Degiro at the moment, which makes it a fairly big operation in Europe. The owners of the platform also recently have updated both the mobile app, as well as the website, so you can be sure of a user-friendly interface. 

That concludes our list of the best trading platforms in Europe for 2020. This year, you will experience a lot of movement when it comes to financial instruments which makes it a perfect time to start or pick up your investing journey. Choose one of the platforms mentioned above and watch your money grow. Make 2020 a year when you start fighting for financial freedom and build a robust investment portfolio. 

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