11 Best Driving Apps to Make Money in 2024

Driving apps are no longer a luxury that only the elite can access. Instead, it has become more like a necessity in people’s lives. Now, if you are a good driver and want to make a decent income out of this skill of yours, several driving apps can make that happen.

Apps like Uber, Lyft, etc., have created market dominance, making people switch to convenience and comfort. What’s great about these driving apps is their versatility, too. These apps are not just for people; they also help deliver packages and groceries.

With so many different types of driving applications functional in today’s date, choosing one can be a challenge. This article will examine the 11 best driving apps to help you make money in 2024.

Are There Eligibility Criteria Before Working for a Driving App?

Driving apps are pretty lenient with their requirements and eligibility factors, meaning you don’t necessarily have a degree or similar high-end educational qualifications to be considered for the job.

However, one thing is mandatory: you should be a good driver and have a valid license to qualify for the role. Most of these driving apps also require the candidate to have their vehicle for commute purposes, which you should be mindful of.

Besides that, every driving app has a list of specific requirements that we’d advise you to read and see if it fits your bill.

What are the Best Driving Apps to Make Money in 2024?

We live in a world of rising unemployment, and many people need formal notice to lose their jobs. In such cases, wanting an independent source of income dependent on your work can be more liberating.

So, if you are a good driver and don’t mind using that skill to make money, there are a few different apps we’d recommend you check out. For your convenience, we have categorized them into sections, including apps for:

  • Delivering food
  • Driving others around
  • Delivering orders
  • Miscellaneous options

Apps for Delivering Food

man on the way to deliver food

1. DoorDash

If you love food, you are likely familiar with the DoorDash app. It is a food delivery app where consumers order takeout from restaurants, groceries from retail stores, or even items from convenience stores.

The list of tasks or deliveries that you have to complete might vary. Because DoorDash is one of the more prominent players in the market, working for them ensures a good amount of profits.

On average, each delivery can cost between $2 and $10 with additional tips that the customers pay. What’s great is that the drivers can choose their hours beforehand.

doordash app screenshot

2. Shipt

While DoorDash is more versatile and widespread with its services, Shipt is exclusively for drivers who want to make good money delivering groceries.

Since its inception in 2014, the company has expanded to 5000+ cities nationwide and is one of the most reliable options. As a driver, you might have to hustle things around because groceries aren’t the easiest to lift about.

Like DoorDash, the drivers can choose their hours in advance, and the payments are made weekly.

3. Uber Eats

One of DoorDash’s biggest competitors is UberEats. The best thing about this app is its versatility since Uber Eats is in 45 countries and 6000+ cities.

The majority of the orders that you will be delivering as an Uber Eats driver are food you pick up from restaurants. What makes this delivery app stand out is the kind of money you make. Most Uber Eats drivers say the average pay is around $15-$20 per hour, which is way more than the minimum pay.

However, there are particular requirements and eligibility criteria that you have to qualify to become an Uber Eats driver.

ubereats app screenshot

Apps for Driving Others Around

uber app dislpaying map in taxi

4. Uber

While on UberEats, we had to highlight Uber as a potential money-making source for you. This is one of those OG driving apps people opt for to make money. And, in 2024, the app still dominates a huge part of the market.

Since its launch in 2009, Uber has completely disrupted the city taxi service, taking over their operations. From convenience to a hassle-free riding experience, Uber offers consumers versatility and safety.

The average pay is around $10-$20 per hour, but as an Uber driver, you can choose your hours. If you want to work during the peak hours when the pay is high, that’s possible too.

uber app screenshot

5. Lyft

Uber’s direct competitor is Lyft, another accessible and affordable option to get people around. This ride-sharing app is equally functional in other parts of the world, making it a popular choice, not just in the U.S.

If you want to switch to a less competitive driving app than Uber, Lyft is a great alternative. Even the basic requirements to become a driver for this app are simple. You need to be 21+ years old and have no criminal record.

The average pay for Lyft is similar to what you’d get with Uber but with less competition. So, you can expect around $10-$20 per hour.


6. HopSkipDrive

This might be an underrated driving app for earning money, but we recommend you check it out. The best thing about this app is the pay. Some of the drivers have reported earning up to $50 per hour, but there are a few factors you have to keep in mind.

So, what’s the app’s objective? With HopSkipDrive, you pay to get kids around in a safe and reliable transportation. Many parents opt for this service if their kids’ schools don’t follow traditional bus routes.

Since you are getting kids around, the app’s eligibility criteria are a bit strict. You must have at least five years of caregiving experience, among other requirements.

HopSkipDrive app screenshot

Apps for Delivering Orders

women delivering order

7. UPS

People will never stop ordering packages from e-commerce platforms like Amazon, so there will never be downtime for apps that deliver orders.

Among all the apps available, UPS deserves a mention in the beginning. They have been in the industry for quite some time now, so reliability won’t be an issue.

Also, you can start with flexible hours working for UPS and gradually work up to becoming a full-time employee, earning perks and benefits. Additionally, if you want to make some quick money during the holiday season, UPS hires people on a contractual basis, which you can check out.

ups app screenshot

8. FedEx

Another frontrunner in the market when it comes to delivering orders is FedEx, wherein you can earn around $18.19per hour on average.

With FedEx, you can either work full-time with them or on a contractual basis, depending on the hours you wish to choose. Like most delivery apps, even FedEx has a peak hiring season when the demand is at its highest. You can pick up the shifts when there is an elevated demand.

9. Roadie

Unlike UPS and FedEx, Roadie isn’t the most popular app on the list. However, the pay is roughly $15 per hour, much more than minimum wage.

For those who aren’t aware, Roadie is an axillary delivery service started by UPS, meaning you can trust the platform. With this, UPS connects delivery drivers to deliver packages already on the same route as the intended delivery.

This ensures that you don’t have to go out of your way to make a delivery and get paid less. Some of the longer gigs with Roadie can even pay up to $650, which is excellent.

radieo app screenshot

Apps for Miscellaneous Work

10. Carvertise

As the name suggests, Carvertise pays you to make your car a billboard. The pay isn’t a lot, but you can consider this a passive income where the brand sticks its advertisement on your vehicle, and when you drive around, you get the ad around, too.

The pay is roughly around $300 per month, which is a great way to earn on the side without actively needing to do anything. You have particular requirements for the car and the kind of advertisements you get, so cross-check that, too.

Carvertise app screenshot

11. HyreCar

We are all aware of car rental companies. HyreCar works on a similar model where you get paid to rent your car. You don’t have to drive the vehicle actively but still get paid for it.

The pay can start from $700 per month and can be higher, depending on the demand. When you rent your car through HyreCar, the company keeps around 15% of the rental amount as commission, and the rest is paid to you.

HyreCar app screenshot


Driving apps are growing in number with every passing day. If you are considering making an active or passive income through driving your car around, we have sorted you out with our top 11 picks worth paying attention to. Kindly cross-check the eligibility criteria so you don’t get in trouble but still get good pay.

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